Sunseeker 1

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Eric Raymond's Sunseeker 1 is a solar powered glider that can take off like a normal plane, and power or glide all day.

Eric Raymond first experienced solar powered flight in 1979, when Larry Mauro demonstrated his Solar Riser. 1981's debut of Paul MacCready's Solar Challenger was next.

Eric founded Solar Flight and began construction of his design in 1986. In 1990 battery powered flights were made with two brush motors driving a variable pitch prop, which could be feathered for gliding. Improvements were made, and after many test flights, a series of flights were initiated across the country. In August, 1990, The Sunseeker crossed the US in 21 flights, with 121 hours in the air and two days traveling over 250 miles each day.

Video of the Sunseeker and interview with it's creator, Eric Raymond