Self Powered Electric Airplanes

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Welcome to the SPEV airplane section. This is a collection of Self Powered Electric Airplanes.

What is an SPEV?
SP: It gathers or creates the energy to move ON IT'S OWN, it uses NO fuel, and is NOT plugged in to recharge.
E: It is electric, having motors powered by electricity for propulsion.
V: It is a vehicle, meaning it will carry at least one human.

If you have a airplane SPEV you'd like to see included in this list, email David at

Sunseeker III, 2 person airplane, test flight in 2010.

Sunseeker II, flying in Europe in 2009

Helios, flew to 96,863 feet altitude in 2001

Solar Challenger, first solar powered plane to cross the English Channel, 1981

GossamerPenguin, first solar powered plane to carry a pilot, 1979

Sunseeker I, crossed the United States in 1990
To fly an aircraft with no fuel, is that a dream, or reality? It's real! The Sunseeker II is flying now, and other self powered aircraft are being planned and designed now. Several self powered aircraft have already been built, but few will carry a human like the Sunseeker I and II. Solar Impulse is said to be developing one now. This reminds me of the Wright brothers, whose first airplane was limited, but today we carry hundreds of people on one airplane. Perhaps in the near future, electric self powered planes will carry more than one person, as far as they want to go, with no fuel.