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News Archive

9/2/2009 Sunseeker III, 2 person airplane, test flight in 2010.

8/20/2009 Planet Solar press release

8/14/2009 2009 Sunrider, new 10 passenger solar boat sold by Navgathi Marine.

8/2/2009 Marcelo and the The Power of One have reached Inuvik, NW Territories again for a new high of 22,151 miles on solar power alone.

7/29/2009 CHP Power

6/26 Power of One has arrived in Alberta (6/26/09), and has driven over 18,000 miles using only sunshine as fuel.

5/30 The Foton boat by Humber boats gets a much improved solar power system!

5/23 Video of Sunseeker II crossing the Alps

Chevy Volt mule test drive, 4/29/09

4/20 Russia develops solar powered car.

4/20 Self powered cell phone, finally. At last, a cell phone you don't need to plug in to charge.

4/19 New solar powered practical car developed in India.

4/10 Green Star demonstrates it's electric car, ready to produce?

4/9 Another new electric car, the Wave

4/8 History of electric cars made by General Motors, more than I thought!

4/4 Island Pilot Dse test ride in Motor Boating, luxury yacht that can run on solar power alone.

4/4 Tesla Motors has taken 520 reservations for the Model S in the first week, an all-electric family sedan that carries up to seven people and travels up to 300 miles per charge.

3/26 Tesla test drive, Matt Newmann's article on MercuryNews.com. and Nichola Groom of Reuters has the scoop on the Tesla model S uunveiling.

3/24 MIT breakthrough allows LiFePo batteries high discharge rate, just the thing for electric cars.

3/21 New British entry to the World Solar Challenge. Cambridge University is really trying to win this year with their new car, Bethany.

3/18 Solar powered boat set to circumnavigate the earth in 2010. PlanetSolar is over 100 feet long and completely solar powered. It plans to circle the planet at a speed of 10 knots.