Choke Canyon Reservoir State Park

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We stopped by the Choke Canyon Reservoir State Park in February, 2008 to see what it was like. A large 26,000 acre lake in central south Texas near the town of Three Rivers, Choke Canyon was excavated near the dam but most of the lake is shallow. Lots of tree stumps makes for good fishing, and we saw more birds around the lake than in surrounding areas.

The Calliham Unit of the state park on the south shore has good camping areas on a peninsula that juts into the lake. There is a small 75 acre fishing lake that is separated from the main lake by a levee, we saw several people fishing there and two at the fish cleaning station. Good fishing, the daily limit on catfish is 25.

In the RV campsite there was a large herd of wild turkeys. We saw many birds at the Calliham unit. Many hiking trails went out through the brush. The boat ramp looked good.

We also took at look at the South Shore unit of the State Park, it is near the dam and has no camping. Very good place to launch, with one ramp on each side of a peninsula you always have a ramp proteced from the wind. Nice picnic area by the lake, restrooms, etc. This is the deep part of the lake, which was excavated before the dam was built.

Directions to Choke Canyon State Park
The South Shore Unit is located 3.5 miles west of Three Rivers on State Highway 72 on the banks of Choke Canyon Reservoir.
The Calliham Unit is located 12 miles west of Three Rivers on State Highway 72.

This video was taken with the Panasonic PV-GS35

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The South Shore unit at Choke Canyon
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