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Sailing Texas is the #1 sailing website, and enables you to broadcast your message to over 5,000 unique visitors each day, targeting your ads to viewers who are interested in sailing and boating.

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There are three ways to advertise on Sailing Texas.

The first two ways are Valueclick and Casale banner and medium rectangle ads, sized similar to the one at the top of the page and to the right, and displayed on Sailing Texas on a cost per thousand impressions. If you prefer paying on a cost per thousand basis, sign up with Valueclick or Casale to advertise on Sailing Texas.

The third way to advertise on Sailing Texas is Google Adwords, which handles most advertising on Sailing Texas. With Adwords, you can choose to show your ads ONLY on Sailing Texas, ONLY in your state, and many other options as well. With Adwords, YOU are in control. Ad campaigns can be set up to target based on context, geographical location of the customer, individual websites, language and more. Adwords lets you choose from text, image or video, it is your choice. Learn more about Google Adwords

The Adwords system is easy to use, but it does take getting used to because there are so many options. I use Adwords to advertise Sailing Texas, because it works!

On the lower right are two sample Google Adwords display units available on Sailing Texas, the wide skyscraper (160X600) and the medium rectangle (300X250), image and video ads are also available in these sizes. With Adwords you have control of your ad text, pictures or video and you determine the cost. You can start your ad campaign and specify that your ads will be shown ONLY on the websites you pick and only where you want. On Sailing Texas you can soon choose what parts of the website you want your ad to appear. You will be able to select which individual pages you want your ad to appear on and you can sometimes pick where on the page you want your ad to be! Change your ad and/or the amount you wish to pay as often as you like. You are in control!

Have your ad on Sailing Texas in minutes. Compose your own message with text, image or video and you choose your cost! Google Adwords gives you the best value and best results when advertising on Sailing Texas.

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