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There are many other websites you should use in addition to Sailing Texas to help you sell or buy your sailboat. There are so many, I have divided them into three pages to make it easier for you to find the ones most useful for your location and your boat. I have been compiling these lists for 7 years, and they can be useful. I try to include all the sailing websites that offer a classified service.

First are the websites based in Texas. Since Texas has 600 miles of coastline and 150 lakes, there are a lot of these. If your boat is in or near Texas you should look at the websites on this page:

Texas Sailboat Classifieds

Next is a page for the rest of the United States, AND Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world. This page helps you find sailing websites close to you.

Sailboat Classifieds by State

Last is a page for websites dedicated to a particular make or model of sailboat. Very useful to find the sites for the sailboat you want to buy, sell, or just have an interest in.

Sailboat Classifieds by Make-Model

When buying a sailboat, be sure to check the Sailing Texas Sailboats for Sale pages, there are 4 pages, Sailboat, Catalina, Hunter, and Macgregor pages. While many sites leave boat ads online when they get old or sold, wasting your time, on Sailing Texas ads are removed from the Sailboats for Sale lists after 90 days unless the seller reduces the price, and ads are removed from the for sale lists as soon as the seller notifies us it is sold. All ads are dated so you know how old they are, and a quick check of the Sailing Texas News column on the Home Page shows you all the new boats and price reductions on all 4 For Sale pages since your last visit.

Sailboats for sale

Catalinas/Capris for Sale

Hunters for Sale

Macgregors/Ventures for Sale

To further help sailors buy and sell sailboats, the Sailing Texas Sailboat Photo Gallery contains both ads of boats that have sold and expired ads, and also current ads. If you are selling your boat, by browsing the Photo Gallery you can see what people were willing to sell their sailboat for, and when. If you are buying a boat, you can see what the model you are interested in has been selling for. Remember that these are "asking" prices, and often not what the boat actually sold for.

Sailboat Photo Gallery

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