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  • length - 12 feet 9 inches
  • beam - 5 feet
  • sail area - 82 square feet
  • hull weight - 150 pounds
  • crew capacity - 550 pounds
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    Escape Index

    6/26/08, 1999 Escape Rumba, Chicago, Illinois, $1,275 1999 Escape Rumba sailboat

    7/26/07, 1999 Escape Rumba, Wichita Falls, Texas, $999 1999 Escape Rumba sailboat

    8/6/06, 1999 Escape Rumba, Kingwood, Texas (25 miles north of Houston), $999 1999 Escape Rumba sailboat

    6/3/19, 2000 Escape Rumba, South central Nebraska, $800 2000 Escape Rumba sailboat

    8/18/19, 2000 Escape Rumba, Lafayette, Louisiana, $800 Escape Rumba sailboat

    4/15/09, 2000 Escape Rumba, Tomball, Texas, $500 2000 Escape Rumba sailboat

    3/4/09, 2000 Escape Rumba, St. Louis, Missouri, $1,400 Escape Rumba sailboat

    5/20/18, Escape Rumba, Tampa, Florida, $1,595 Escape Rumba sailboat

    4/30/13, 2001 Escape Rumba, Fort Riley, Kansas, $600 2001 Escape Rumba sailboat

    3/25/12, 2001 Escape Rumba, Lindsborg, Kansas, $575 2001 Escape Rumba sailboat

    9/10/11, 2001 Escape Rumba, North Houston, Texas, $1,150.00 2001 Escape Rumba sailboat

    5/17/11, 2001 Escape Rumba, Spring, Texas (Just North of Houston), $1,050 2001 Escape Rumba sailboat

    6/29/10, 2001 Escape Rumba, Wesley Chapel, Florida, $850 2001 Escape Rumba sailboat

    1/28/16, 2003 Escape Rumba, Austin, Texas, $975 2003 Escape Rumba sailboat

    6/23/09, 2004 Escape Rumba, Wimberley, Texas, $1,025 2004 Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Index

    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Select the first letter of the sailboat make or model

    A   B   C   D   E   F   G  
    H   I   J   K   L   M   N  
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