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Hobie Adventure Island sailing with dolphins video

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Hobie Index

12/22/07, Hobie Island kayak, Hobie Adventure Island, 2007, Dickinson, Texas, $2,300 2007 Hobie Island kayak

7/5/10, Hobie Adventure Island kayak 2008, Jackson, Mississippi, $2,800 2008 Hobie Island kayak

3/15/16, 2007, Hobie Island Adventure Kayak, Reisterstown, Maryland, $2,900 2007 Hobie Island kayak

11/20/11, Hobie Island kayak, 2007, St. Petersburg, Florida, $2,900 2007 Hobie Island kayak

8/31/07, Hobie Island kayak, 2007, Boat House of Madison, Waunakee, Wisconsin, $2,995 2007 Hobie Island kayak

3/30/07, Hobie Island kayak, 2007, The Sailboat Shop, Austin, Texas, $2,995 VIDEO AD
2007 Hobie Island kayak

4/29/11, Hobie Adventure Island, 2009, McAllen, Texas, $2,500 Hobie Adventure Island, 2009

10/4/18, 2008 and 2011, Pair of Hobie Island Adventure Trimarans, Greenwood Village, (South Denver), Colorado, $7,250 2008 and 2011 Hobie Island kayak

2/6/15, 2007 and 2010, Pair of Hobie Island Adventure Trimaran kayaks, 16 ft., Rockport, Texas, $4,500 for both 2010 Hobie Island kayak

4/3/15, 2010 Hobie Island Adventure Island Tandem, Deltona, Florida, $4,500 2010 Hobie Island

8/30/10, Hobie Island Adventure Trimaran kayak, 2010, Central Florida, $2,800 2010 Hobie Island kayak

2/17/12, Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran kayak, 2011, Oak Park, Illinois, $3,000 2011 Hobie Island kayak

3/22/21, 2012 Hobie Mirage Adventure Island (Kayak/Trimaran sailboat), Tampa, Florida, $2,450 2012 Hobie Island kayak

7/3/20, 2012 Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran kayak/trimaran, Kemah, Texas, $2,900 2012 Hobie Island kayak

10/8/19, 2016 Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran kayak, Brielle, New Jersey, $3,420 2016 Hobie Island kayak

Hobie Index

Sailboat Photo Gallery

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