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Sailboat Photo Gallery
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Standard Sailfish Specifications

  • Length 11' 7 1/2" (3.5 m)
  • Beam 31 1/2"
  • Sail area 65 sq ft. (6.2 m�)
  • Weight 82 lb (37 kg)

    Super Sailfish Specifications

  • Length 13' 7 1/2" (4.2 sq m)
  • Beam 35 1/2"
  • Sail area 75 sq ft. (7 sq m)
  • Weight 102 lb (46 kg)

    Super Sailfish MK-II

  • Fiberglass
  • Length 13' 7 8" (4.2 sq m)
  • Beam 36 1/2"
  • Sail area 75 sq ft. (7 sq m)
  • Weight 98 lb (45 kg)

  • In the 1940s, Alex Byran and Cortlandt Heyniger created the Alcort company (named from the first syllables of their given names).

    Alcort's first sailboat was the Sailfish. Introduced in 1945 according to The Sunfish Bible by Will White, it was similar to a large wooden surfboard with a sail, a rudder and a daggerboard. It was available in either finished or kit form.

    With no cockpit to put your feet in, sailors often fell off. Discontinued in 1975.

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    10/21/20, Sailfish hull, Morgan's Pt., Texas, $190 Sailfish sailboat

    6/22/20, Sailfish, Baltimore County, Maryland, $500 Sailfish sailboat

    8/11/19, early 1950s Sailfish, Pittsboro, North Carolina, $325 1950s Sailfish sailboat

    5/28/17, early 1950s Sailfish, wood, Richmond, Virginia, $775 VIDEO AD
    1950s Sailfish sailboat

    8/19/09, early 1950's Sailfish, Lombard, Illinois, $270 1950's Sailfish sailboat

    7/3/07, 1950's Sailfish, Reno, Nevada, $325 1950's Sailfish sailboat

    7/22/15, 1960 Super Sailfish Mark II, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, $500 1960 Sailfish sailboat

    7/10/09, Sailfish, Rockport, Texas, $295 1960's Sailfish sailboat

    10/9/09, 1959-66 Super Sailfish, West Palm Beach, Florida, $500 1959-66 Super Sailfish sailboat

    12/20/08, 1960's Sailfish, North Richland Hills, Ft Worth, Texas, $525 1960's Sailfish sailboat

    10/11/08, pre 1971 Sailfish, Ovilla, Texas, $499 pre 1971 Sailfish sailboat

    5/30/07, pre 1973 Super Sailfish, League City, Texas, $300 pre 1973 Super Sailfish sailboat

    6/2/05, 1970's Sailfish, Sherman, Texas, $500 1970's Sailfish sailboat

    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Select the first letter of the sailboat make or model

    A   B   C   D   E   F   G  
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