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Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish by Phil Berman, et al
Reviewer: Jonathan W Robie from Durham, North Carolina
My wife and I knew how to sail a Sunfish, and when we went shopping for a boat, we bought a Prindle catamaran. It quickly became apparent that we didn't know how to handle it in heavy weather. Catamaran sailing really is a bit different.
This book was exactly what we needed. It starts at the very beginning, and the early chapters were a bit *too* basic, but the later chapters fill in the level of detail we needed. It is written by someone who clearly knows how to teach and how to write. I don't know a better book to start with.
I do wish this book had an index, but that's my main complaint.
Sailor's Multihull Guide to the Best Cruising Catamarans & Trimarans by Kevin Jeffrey (Compiler), et al
Reviewer: William Reid from Cobano, Puntarenas Costa Rica
I purchased this book with "The Cruising Multihull" and would not do so again as they cover pretty much the same ground.
A major section of "Sailor's Multihull Guide" is taken up with description of a large number of new and expensive sailboats. For my needs this is pointless.
I find "The Cruising Multihull" to be the more useful of the two books.
The Cruising Multihull by Chris White
Reviewer: (see more about me) from Anacortes, Washington
If you can only buy one book about multihulls, this is it. I have a library of over 100 sailing books, and about 20 of those are about multihulls, and out of those 20 some books, this one is the only one worth keeping for its contents and excellent information.
Cruising On More Than One Hull
Cruising World Magazine
Making the transition from monohull to multi may well be within any dedicated sailor's means, but it doesn't hurt to be armed with some practical wisdom before taking the plunge. The knowledge is out there; you just have to find it. One of the more dependable sources around is Charles E. "Chuck" Kanter, a familiar voice well known throughout the multihull community and widely recognized in the sailing community as a whole. Chuck holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100-Ton Masters license, and in the past 20 years he has paid his dues in an endless variety of boats on more than 100,000 miles of ocean. Most important of all, however, he has accumulated a wealth of firsthand information on just about every significant cruising catamaran and trimaran on the market today, and he has no qualms about saying what he feels about any of them. Chuck has assembled all this information in a comprehensive volume that offers drawings, specifications and opinions on a lo! ng list of production multihulls, along with his own thought on how to cruise on them, how to compare them, how to enjoy the finer points of sailing, trimming and playing it safe aboard them, and ultimately how to select one for yourself. As Chuck himself describes it, Cruising On More Than One Hull attempts to provide information that will help you play catch-up in your attempt to master a new angle on cruising under sail. The book is organized clearly and includes an extensive glossary and bibliography. For anyone in search of a detailed overview of wha's out there, it is an invaluable source, for anyone transitioning between type, it is an essential planner.
Cruising in Catamarans by Charles E. Kanter
Reviewer: james reilly from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
This is the most comprehensive study of sailing catamarans on the market today. It gives a detailed account of many of the different makes and models of cats which are for sale. The average consumer can draw from Charles Kanter's extensive experience as a marine surveyor and knowledgeable sailor. Mr.Kanter is always very forthright with his opinions about boats and boating. As brokers in South Florida we have used Mr. Kanter's books and knowledge to assist many of our customers. We reccommend it as the best source for detailed information about catamarans and the art of sailing catamarans. If anyone is considering buying a catamaran to cruise, to daysail or to livaboard this is the book to buy
Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran by Alayne Main (Epilogue)
Reviewer: Jay from Toronto, On Canada
I just finished reading this book in record time. I couldn't put it down! When my wife gave it to me, I was a bit worried that it would be more about feelings and less about adventure. But I was wrong! The cover was correct when it says that Man, Woman, Sailor or not, everybody, especially those in a relationship will love this book! And if you love sailing and adventure, this is a must read. Congrats to Alayne and Alec!
Keeping Australia on the Left: A Catamaran Odyssey Around Australia by Mark Stewart Darby
Reviewer: Elgar Starkis from Australia
Anyone who has ever sailed, or dreamt of a sailing adventure, has no choice but to read this book. Mark Darby has completed an awesome task, tantamount to a dare, by sailing a small boat through some large seas around a huge continent! His adventures have been well crafted with vivid word pictures and a descriptive action style which put me in the boat with him and Sue. I can still clearly see the beautiful Australian coastline, the memorable people they met and the first reading has left me with a sweet salt water taste in my mouth and wanting more.
This is, I believe, a unique sea saga which would encourage any would be adventurer, with personal challenges and emotions spilling out onto every page. Nine out of 10!
Two girls, two catamarans by James Wharram
Reviewer: ben_mullett from Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom
This recently reprinted volume is (in either edition) a remarkable document. It tells the true tale of 1950s adventure wherein a young man on a tight budget and his lady loves create "Tangaroa". This is the first of a long line of successful ocean-going catamarans, and they sail it across Biscay in heavy weather, then on from the Canaries across the Atlantic.
The first multihull two-way Atlantic crossing, no less....
The author's directness exposes for all to see the feelings and fears experienced in their undertaking. It feels to me so much like being there.
We are then shown in graphic detail the deficiencies of that first design. This is not only unusual, it is almost unprecedented in design circles, and reflects warranted confidence in the subsequent work.
For those interested in seaworthy boat design and development we are granted an intimate view of the design process wherein the second boat "Rongo" is designed and built before the return trip via New York to the UK.
"Rongo" is a remarkable design, and clear echoes of the concept are still to be seen in the latest from James Wharram Designs. Materials and structures have taken advantage of advances down the years, and rigs have evolved remarkably, but Rongo is the parent from whom all the Wharram family has sprung.
Of course, I am biased. Having built one of these boats (Tiki 30) from plans, how else could I feel? They are truly remarkable.
The book however, is accessible to all, you don't have to be a salty dog to enjoy the adventures, the triumph in the face of adversity and refutation of much uninformed criticism.
Highly recommended.

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