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Books about living on a sailboat. Over 40 books and CDs on how to prepare, which boat to buy, what to eat and where to go. The Cruising America's Waterways CD collection is at the bottom in the CD section, see the places to do some sailboat cruising in America.

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Cruising Is Contagious by Charles E. Kanter (Photographer), et al
Reviewer: Maggie from Miami, Florida
Cruising is Contagious is a collection of essays, anecdotes, humorous vignettes and just plain good sailing sense that will inspire all, from the full time live aboard (and those aspiring to be) to the day sailor. The selection varies from straightforward tips on weathering a hurricane, in a first hand narration entitled, "How We Survived Hurricane Erin," to an insightful and informative travelogue on the Kanters' cruise to Cuba. All throughout the book are humorous stories of lessons learned from experiences such as having pets and plants on board, and more sober reflections on safety and prudence while sailing. It's a great book designed to get you into the spirit of cruising. I enjoyed reading about the cultural differences found in our neighboring Carribean countries, like Bahamas and Cuba. I also found useful Corinne's writings on the full time live aboard lifestyle, and her ideas on how to finance the cruising life. Even more valuable to me are Chuck and Corinne's common sense approach to sailing and safety, demonstrated in almost every story. Multihull sailors will also find useful Chuck's ideas on catamaran sailing, which includes good ideas on setting anchors. Chuck and Corinne's chatty conversational writing style further adds to the personality of this book, which reads as if you're just having coffee with them in the cockpit of their catamaran, La Forza.
Dragged Aboard: A Cruising Guide for the Reluctant Mate, by Don Casey, Don Almquist(illustrator)
Reviewer: Mark Mitchell from Lake Tahoe, Nevada
This is the third Don Casey book I've read and I like them all. Don has a easy going infomative style that doesn't come of as Mr. Know It All. His other books I've read were on maintenance related issues. This book is all about the emotions and realities of cruising. The chapter tiltes tell it all. "What is cruising really like?" "Confronting fears" "stocking the galley" etc. I have a hard time giving books five stars, but this is definitely a 4-1/2 star. It's only 170 some pages I'd like to see more. Would I buy again? Absolutely- If this title appeals to you the book will deliver. A two thumbs up!
Racing the Ice to Cape Horn by Frank Guernsey, et al
Book Description
Frank Guernsey lived through this tale of his record setting nonstop journey, sailing single-handed from Southern California, around Cape Horn to Uruguay, in a twenty-four foot engineless sailboat. Cy Zoerner put this harrowing adventure into words as no other author could.
As Frank revealed the story to Cy he began to wonder, as would we all, what could drive a man to commit to an outrageously dangerous undertaking in such a small craft. After endless hours discussing life and love with Frank, Cy understood and a story, like no other, poured forth.
This will be the best sailing adventure you will ever read and quite possibly the best book you will read for years to come. The greatest fiction can not match the adventures and life of Frank Guernsey.

The Symmetry of Sailing: The Physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen by Ross Garrett, Dave Wilkie(Illustrator)
Reviewer: An Customer
While written some 12 years ago this book is as fresh as a daisy. Some of the topics are still breathtaking in their implications for the future of sailing such as sailing dead downwind faster than the wind.
Already practical yachts have sailed straight into the wind, and it just awaits the technology to acheive this down wind trick.
As well there are straight forward guides as to how to handle a yacht in the real world of racing, as well as sobering discussions on the effects of breaking seas.
All in all it has made me a far more aware sailor with the knowledge to plan for exciting sailing and future fun.

The Art and Science of Sails: A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep, and Use by Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt (Contributor)
Reviewer: A reader from East Coast USA
I am very impressed by the way the author has made a very complex subject understandable, enjoyable and relevant! The science behind it all is fluid dynamics...but to the reader this book is ALL about sailing.
The explanations of how each individual sail works are very clear. Even more vital is the knowledge of how the foresail and main interact, how that impacts on boat speed and performance and how you can use that to improve your sailing. The explanation of "the slot", how it works and why the "myths" are "myths" I found particularly revealing!
The other feature that appealed to me was the balance between the technicalities and other aspects. The practical assessment of different sail materials was great, and the history and anecdotes of how modern sail design grew up is absorbing.
It isn't for the total novice...but it will teach a great deal to anyone beyond that.
Alistair Gillanders MRIN (RYA Ocean Yachtmaster)

Cruising Fundamentals by Harry Munns, Hal Sutphen (Editor)
Reviewer: Conrad B. Senior from Easton, Conneticut
This is American Sailing Association textbook for more advanced sailing topics and the the second of a series. The major plus of this book is that it teaches you how to sail with all the information you need to learn in the proper order you should learn it.
There is an advantage in learning the material in a time tested manner. Every time an instructor like the author, Harry Munns, teaches a course it gets better. This book gets the benefit of his tried and true, tested methods of sailing instruction. It works well.
This book follows "Sailing Fundamentals : The Official Learn-To-Sail Manual of the American Sailing Association and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary"
Get them both.
Each book follows the ASA Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, and Bareboat charter courses. Reading the books and then taking the courses will give you a jump start on your sailing skills. Most sailors have knowledge like swiss cheeze--with lots of holes. The books will give you knowledge like American Cheeze--no holes.
Buy both books--you won't regret it. Read them and then take the courses for maximum effectiveness. This is the path to skill, safety, and confidence on the water.
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