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Books about sailboat racing rules, learn the racing rules of sailing with discount pricing. Reviews on each book help you decide which book is for you.

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Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules of Sailing, -- by Soren Krause (Editor)
Reviewer: from Downey, California
This concise book is divided into two parts: 1) a copy of the published ISAF rules--a must for all would-be racers 2) interpretations of said rules by Elvstrom himself.
If you don't already know it, Elvstrom is a legendary sailor (winner of four Olympic gold medals and numerous other sailing prizes). His expertise shines through as he explains the rules of racing. There aren't any long drawn out stories in this book. No anecdotes of any kind; just simple explanations of situations that you encounter on the race course. He clearly points out who is right and who is wrong in each situation and thus you gain an understanding of what is and isn't proper while racing. This is an excellent book for the beginning racer who wants to gain a firm understanding of the rules in a short period of time. If you are looking for something more extensive and lively I recommend the Dave Perry's explanation of the rules!
Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing by Dave Perry, Brad Dellenbaugh (Illustrator)
Reviewer: Jay from Medford, Massachusetts
This is the place to start. Dave Perry makes the rules come alive through clear, interesting examples and Brad Dellenbaugh's quirky little drawings. It is a wonderful book for the beginner trying to get past the confusion of being able to apply the rules while approaching a thicket of starboard tack boats without the benefit of painted lines marking the lanes, yield signs giving you a heads-up, and brakes to bail you out when your attention wanders. At the beginning of each season's racing I return to this book to get me back in the mindset of the racing culture. Be sure you get the current edition.
Rules in Practice: 2001-2004 by Bryan Willis
Reviewer: tertius3 from Michigan
This is a terrific instructional text for the beginning sailor and racer, and graphically updates the expert on the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing new for the 2001 quadrennium. The heart of this manual is Willis taking you around the race course in a separate chapter for each stage, from before the start, around the marks, and to post race protests. Each stage is quite thoroughly explored, illustrating in clear diagrams many likely situations of potential conflict between boats. For each situation Willis puts you in each boat in turn and tells you, with a touch of humor, what you each can (or must not) do, in order to avoid collision or protest. He points out that knowing the rules of sailing gives you the advantage against someone less certain of their applicability.
My copy has 111 pages and is from Fernhurst Books, U.K. It is written in a succinct, clear, and engaging manner. One fault is that the signal flags are not shown in color. And of course Willis' interpretations are not officially sanctioned! Some say this is the best instruction in the Racing Rules of Sailing (whose official text appears only at the end). Or if your only contact with competitive sailing is to watch the America's Cup on TV, this book is like a spectator's manual for appreciating the basic or fine points of the tactical maneuvering you witness.
Quick Reference Racing Rules by Seapoint
Reviewer: John Flato from Houston, Texas
The Quick Reference Racing Rules is a summary of the racing rules, put on an extremely heavy duty laminated card. The picture shown by is half of what your are buying, which are the basic rules that most expereince sailors know. The flip side lists some racing definitions, when to hail, how to file a protest, when and how to do penalty turns, etc. This summary is probably most useful for the novice sailor; or the more experienced sailor who doesn't race often and wants a quick refresher. One advantage is the heavy duty construction means you can take it on your boat without fear of it getting wet. It also lists the rule numbers that all race committee members seem to have memorized. This is the only quick reference that I've every seen published. Note that this 4th edition is for the 1997-2000 rules, which have changed slightly.
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