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Some of the links go directly to the sailboat classified section of that site. Some do not allow this, but I get you as close as I can. You just need to select the appropriate menu item. I add to this list almost daily.

NEW! When you click on a link to another site, it will open in a new window. When you're done just close that window to return.

Some websites cannot be placed in a single state, they are at the bottom of this page.

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Alabama sailboat classifieds

  • Muscle Shoals Sailing Club, classified section in Forums

    Alaska sailboat classifieds

    Arizona sailboat classifieds

    Arkansas sailboat classifieds

  • Grand Maumelle Yacht Club, club classifieds

    California sailboat classifieds

  • Fremont Sailing Club, select classifieds on left menu, then 4 choices on top, good one

  • Latitude 38, sailing magazine

  • Navy Yacht Club, select classifieds on left menu

  • Sailing San Francisco has a Flea Market, look on top left

  • Stockton Sailing Club, select classifieds on left menu, good selection

    United States Sailing Center - Long Beach, donated boats for sale

    Colorado sailboat classifieds

  • Community Sailing of Colorado, Ltd., Denver, select boats for sale

  • Denver Sailing Association, in DSA information select classifieds

    Connecticut sailboat classifieds

  • Duck Island Yacht Club, small notice board

  • Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association , see Classified Ads on left menu

    District of Columbia sailboat classifieds

    Dominican Republic sailboat classifieds

    Florida sailboat classifieds

  • Bradenton Yacht Club, select classifieds on left menu, 4 ads on 12/16/02

  • Catsailor, several catamarans in their classifieds, and parts too

  • Chapman's School of Seamanship, has many donated boats for sale

  • Edison Sailing Center, boats for sale section, Ft. Myers
  • Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Mount Dora
  • Marco Cruise Club , select Bulletin Board at bottom of left menu

  • Sarasota Sailing Squadron, for sale or wanted section

    Georgia sailboat classifieds

  • Lake Lanier Sailing Club, select classifieds from top menu.

  • Strictly Sailing Classifieds, nice free sailboat classifieds.

    Idaho sailboat classifieds

  • Lake Pend Oreille Yacht Club, select Classifieds on left menu

    Illinois sailboat classifieds

  • Carlyle Sailing Association, good sailboat classifieds

  • Indianapolis Sailing Club, go down to boats for sale, quite a few ads

    Indiana sailboat classifieds

  • Indianapolis Sailing Club, go down to boats for sale, quite a few ads

  • Inland Lake Yachting Association, select classifieds on left menu, quite a few ads

    Kentucky sailboat classifieds

  • Green Turtle Bay, broker, has a few sailboats

    Maine sailboat classifieds

  • Portland Yacht Club, see Items for Sale in left menu

    Massachusetts sailboat classifieds

  • Sandy Bay Yacht Club, good message board

    Michigan sailboat classifieds

  • Dilworth & Lolly Yacht Brokers, Boyne city,broker, has a used boat section

  • The Lake Saint Clair Network, free boat classifieds, they were free 12/12/03

  • Midwest Sailing, dealer, has a used boat section

  • Muskegon Yacht Club, select Forums on left menu

    Minnesota sailboat classifieds

  • Wayzata Yacht Club , see Forums

    Nebraska sailboat classifieds

  • Select Sail & Sports., full service Sailboat & Kayak Dealer

  • Super Sport Marine Inc., Kearney dealer, has list of used sailboats for sale

    New York sailboat classifieds

  • Marlboro Yacht Club, select For Sale on left menu, mostly power boats

  • Mt. Sinai Sailing Association, select For Sale on left menu, several sailboats

  • Narrasketuck Yacht Club, select Message Board on left menu, several sailboats

    North Carolina sailboat classifieds

  • Waccamaw Sailing Club, Very interesting site.

  • Carolina Sailing Club , Carolina Sailing Club.

  • Outrigger Yacht Club, No Classifieds.

    Ohio sailboat classifieds

  • lakevision.com, large classifieds, mostly power but several sailboats

  • Marine City, Marblehead, broker, mostly power but several sailboats

  • Strictly Sail Inc., dealer, several used sailboats for sale

    Oklahoma sailboat classifieds

  • Thunderbird Sailing Club, select Boats in top menu

  • Windycrest Sailing Club, select Foresail in left menu

    Oregon sailboat classifieds

  • Willamette Sailing Club, select classifieds on left

    Pennysylvania sailboat classifieds

  • Erie Yacht Club, several boats, look for classifieds under "Aboat" on the left

    Rhode Island sailboat classifieds

  • Jamestown Yacht Club, several boats, select Message Boards, then "anything else" board

    South Carolina sailboat classifieds

  • Columbia Sailing Club, select classifieds in menu on left, last entry oct 02, seems to not be working.(Jan 03)

  • Lake Murray Sailing Club, click boats for sale in menu on left

    Texas sailboat classifieds

  • Texas classifieds, there are a LOT

    Utah sailboat classifieds

  • Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, select bulletin board in left menu

    Washington sailboat classifieds

    Wisconsin sailboat classifieds

  • The Boat House, dealer, several used sailboats, Madison, select used boats

  • Cedar Lake Yacht Club , select classifieds on left menu

    Canada sailboat classifieds

  • Cat-alist, nice Canada catamaran site

  • Don Robertsons's Marine Marketplace, Ontario, awesome site

  • Iroquois Marine Services , Ontario, broker

  • Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver, nice buy and sell section, free ads

  • The Lake Saint Clair Network, free boat classifieds, they were free 12/12/03

  • Nepean Sailing Club, Ontario, several boats

    Greece sailboat classifieds

  • Second Hand Sailing Boats Greece, Broker

    United Kingdom sailboat classifieds

  • BoatsandOutboards.co.uk, good UK boat classifieds

    Nationwide and Regional
    The competition in sailboat classsified sites on the internet is fierce, I seem to find a new one every day or so! Unfortunately most of them do not give you the date when the boat was first put up for sale, so you cannot tell how old the ad is.

  • 1001 Boats4Sale, several sailboats, $25 ad

  • Adpost.com, free ad

  • The Beachcats.com good classified section, free ads and they allow unimiran ads too
  • BoatLinks.com, select classified ads on left, free ad, nice directory you can ad your sailing club link to.

  • Boat Trader Online, too many boats!

  • The Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories, in the forums is a section for selling boats

  • Mariners Guide.com, go down to Dock Swap on right, extensive listings with free ads.

  • Marine Waypoints, free marine classifieds.

  • Sailing Texas, ads cover all of North America and more, free classified ads with pictures, best place to put your ad

  • Southwinds, classifieds are $5/month, mostly southern boats

  • Inspecting the Aging Sailboat by Don Casey

    Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats: A Step-by-Step Guide for Buyers and Owners by Henry C. Mustin

    The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat by Roger Marshall

    Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere by John Vigor