Edie's kids learn to sail

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Edie's 4 offspring are having fun on Lake LBJ, all the people learning to sail has piqued their interest. Austin, age 6, goes first, with a short sail on a Sunfish. He learns to tack and almost how to sail a steady course. He doesn't like to jibe!

David shows Austin how to land the Sunfish on the ramp.

Next David takes all 4, ages 6 to 14, out in the Flying Scot.
Bye, Mom!
Away they go, David doesn't get to stay on the tiller long,
Soon the kids are taking turns, and they KNOW when it's their turn next!
Comfortable with the Flying Scot's stability, they enjoy the view from the deck.
Coming back to the dock, the kids have all learned to tack.
They didn't want to stop, and they all agree, "Sailboats are fun!"
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