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Stepping and unstepping masts:

Flying Scot mast raising system, 120 pound Alison raises and lowers the mast by herself. 21, 41 and 40 MB

Lowering the mast video on a Hunter 23

Stepping the Flying Scot mast

Lowering the Flying Scot mast

Raising the Flying Scot mast

Unstepping the mast on the Capri 22

Macgregor 26 M, nice mast raising/lowering system, 11 MB

Rhodes 22, another nice mast raising system, 3 videos, 7, 13 and 1.1 MB

Using a crane to step the mast on a 2005 Catalina 28 MKII

How to tie knots

How to tie a Double Half hitch, 4.5 or 27 MB

How to tie the Figure 8, and variations, 14 MB

How to tie the Bowline, 32 MB

How to tie the Sheetbend, 13.5 MB

How to tie the Rolling Hitch, 16 MB

How to tie the Cleat Hitch, 5.7 and 39 MB

How to articles:

How to rig a Laser Pro

2006 Flying Scot rudder mod to stop mainsheet hanging up

2006 Flying Scot race rigging

How to repack your trailer bearings

How to raise your trailer without a jack, 5 or 30 MB, 2007

Bedding a pintle on the Flying Scot rudderhead, 11 or 39 MB, Dec 15, 2006

How to replace the main halyard on a Flying Scot, 20 MB

How to set the Flying Scot to hold her course

How to tack the Hobie 14

How to Assemble the Hobie Wave

How to assemble the Hobie Getaway

How to tack the Flying Scot, May 6/7, 2006 class, 5 videos, from 1.4 to 2.4 MB

How to repair the Flying Scot gooseneck

How to remove a drive rivet

How to steer with your sails

Replacing the Sunfish rudder pintle

Reset the Sunfish bow eye

How to Patch a Sail with 3M 5200

How to Roll a Sail

Installing the new Flying Scot boom vang bail.

Replacing the Flying Scot jib halyard pulley

Replacing the upper gudgeon on the Catalina 25

Boat lift for a Catalina 25

How to cross the Guadalupe River when the bridge is out.

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