How to replace the Flying Scot jib halyard block.

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Here's the blocks, the old one had frozen and the halyard had cut a groove in the pulley. If your jib is hard to tension check the pulley before you break your winch handle! On the Flying Scot one end of the halyard is fixed to the drum on the winch, the other end to the jib halyard shackle. Both ends are fastened with press fittings, so you must cut the cable to replace the block. It is easier to reattach the shackle end instead of the winch end. Before you reattach the shackle be SURE the halyard is not wrapped around the mast!

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You will need a swage press tool to reattach the jib halyard. Don't be tempted to use a cable clamp, they seriously weaken the cable. I bought mine from West Marine, and the swages, the smaller tool is sufficient for most boats under 30 feet. If you're in my area you can come by and I'll press a new fitting on for you. Go slow and make sure the cable is positioned correctly every time you tighten the clamp, and tighten the clamp evenly on both sides until it is all the way closed.