How to Roll your Sail

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Never roll your sail up wet! We start by removing the battens, if any. Then beginning at the head roll the luff into a circle a little smaller than the size the want the package we finish with. The larger the sail the smaller circle you will start with, after you do it a couple of times you'll know how big you want to start. Some start by folding over several feet of the head, especially on larger sails, but that does put a crease in the sail.

You don't need to lay your sail out to start, just keep the luff together and straighten out wrinkles as you go like this. Eventually your arms become too short, so lay the sail down on a flat surface.
As you can see, it is not necessary to have a large enough space to spread the entire sail out. I can do the entire jib on my Flying Scot while standing on the bow deck, but this jib is for a 23 foot boat so I'm using the dock. The roll becomes flat now, so just roll and remove wrinkles as you go.
To keep the roll tight, just hold your hands like this and pull the roll towards you after each roll.
After rolling past the clew, pick up the tack and wrap it around the roll. This keeps from twisting the jib sheets, if you've left them on the sail.

If you have new sails and don't want creases at all, skip this next part and put the sail in it's sail bag. For older sails you can save space by rolling up the roll, beginning at the luff. Make your first roll so that you finish with the size package you want.

When the sail is rolled, I lay the jib sheets out and continue rolling the sail so the sheets are wrapped around it. This keeps the sheets from twisting, and if you unroll them the same way they will be twist free.
The finished package. Just the right size, and the sheets make a nice carrying handle!
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