How to unstep the Capri 22 mast

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This is a Capri 22 tall rig fixed keel, as you can see it's very tall. First we parked the trailer on level ground and headed into the wind.
First Jody removes the boom. Unhooking the topping lift, the backstay attachment and the mainsheet before disconnecting the gooseneck and stowing the boom out of the way in the cabin.

We tied a line on the jib halyard, do NOT use a nylon rope, they have too much stretch! Then we raised the jib halyard so we could let it down as the mast comes down.
The line attached to the jib halyard is tied to the forestay chainplate, by tensioning this line we can release the forestay easily.
Sy positioned our crutch, made of a 12 foot 2X4 with a Y of two 2X6's nailed on the end, to catch the mast. If you don't catch the mast, it may damage the cabin roof. Loosen the bolt that fixes the mast in the mast step. By slowly easing the jib halyard, the mast comes down, guided by Jody and David in the cockpit. The shrouds did not need to be loosened, as soon as the mast starts back they get loose.

By taking the bolt out of the mast step, we slid the mast forward to tie to the bow pulpit, tied a type 4 cushion between the mast and the cabin, and tied the top to the rear pulpit. Securing all the stays and tying the boat to the trailer, we are ready for the road!

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