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We flew United Airlines to London and back in August, 2006 and really had a good flight. The flights were rarely delayed, service was excellent, and the price was right. When we arrived back in Austin we somehow got another passengers bag instead of one of ours, and didn't discover this until we arrived home at 11PM. The dreaded "Lost baggage" had happened to us! We were quite exhausted after a 23 hour trip (including driving on both ends) but felt we should call United right away to get our bag back and so they could let the other passenger know that we had his bag. We tried to record all of this conversation, but my camera ran out of memory after only 17 minutes. Apparently United is outsourcing some of their phone answering to India or somewhere to save money, so they can continue to offer such great deals like we got for our flights! We were on the phone with them for about an hour, their agent was always very courteous and careful to get the information correct, and United called us about 7 hours later to let us know they had found our bag!

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You may find it interesting to listen to the phone conversation with United Lost and Found, you may have to click the play arrow twice:


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