Lake Belton, Texas

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To contact Lake Belton call (254) 939-2461 8:00-4:30, for Camping Reservations: 1-877-444-6777

The Lake Belton dam is decorated with vivid murals.
Lake Belton mural

Completed in 1954 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Belton dams the Leon River and several smaller tributaries, mainly to help control flooding in the Brazos River basin. This section on Lake Belton is to help you decide which of the 13 Corps of Engineer parks to go to. There is a page for each park listed below. On the page for each park you will find directions on how to get to the park and what they offer.
Plenty of room on Lake Belton with 12,300 acres of water and a maximum depth of 124 feet, normally clean water with 4 to 6 foot visibility. Most of Lake Belton's shoreline is very steep, rocky habitat. Tall bluffs and long rocky points are most common, although sand and mud flats can be found up the Leon River and Cowhouse arms. The lake has little or no aquatic vegetation and I only saw timber on the upper arms. It's nothing like what you would see on NYC boat tours around the Statue of Liberty. No big city skyscrapers, just the beauty of nature.
Main body of Lake Belton

Plaque at Lake Belton Dam

Lake Belton Map

Lake Belton Satellite Image

Lake Belton has 13 parks on the water with varying facilities. Some are free and some charge a fee, some have camping.
Starting on the south side of the lake we began at Sparta Valley park and went all around the lake.

Select a park for more information:

South Shore
Sparta Valley
Belton Lakeview

North Shore
Live Oak Ridge
Temple Lake

Leon River arm
Cedar Ridge, (Cedar Creek)
White Flint
Owl Creek, (Owl Creek)
Iron Bridge