Iron Bridge Park on Lake Belton, Texas

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To contact Lake Belton call (254) 939-2461 8:00-4:30, for Camping Reservations: 1-877-444-6777

Iron Bridge Park is on the upper reaches of the Leon River arm of Lake Belton. The picnic area is near the water, but bring your own water. This is an isolated park and you'll really feel it.
Campground at Iron Bridge Park

A picnic area near the water, which looked pretty scummy when I was there.
Picnic area at Iron Bridge Park on Lake Belton, Texas

The boat ramp had a seemingly abandoned boat on it.
Boat ramp at Iron Bridge Park

On Hwy 36, a little ways south of Hwy 236 turn east on a road I forget the name of
after a mile or so it will turn to the left
go another few miles to the park

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