Lake Buchanan, Texas

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While dams had been built previously on the Colorado River at Austin, I believe the Lake Buchanan Dam is the oldest in existence at this time. Begun in the 30's and completed in 1937 it began the hydroelectric power supply for the region, now 240 megawatts from the Highland Lakes. Buchanan is a big lake, covering 22,000 acres. 30 miles long and almost 5 miles wide at it's widest point, Buchanan has a capacity of 300 billion gallons. Buchanan's two mile long dam is considered the longest multiple-arch dam in the nation. This view is from north of Silver Creek looking south.

Buchanan Lake Map

Buchanan Lake Satellite view

Canyon of the Eagles

The upper reaches of Lake Buchanan narrow as the river bed narrows into the Canyon of the Eagles, where bald eagles nest in the winter. Canyon walls over 200 feet high rise vertically from the edge of the water in several places. We sail up the canyon, talk about fluky winds! The lake is narrow enough to make for some serious tacking workouts at times, and there are usually some logs to catch your keel. The Canyon of the Eagles is not recommended for a fixed keel sailboat or inexperienced sailors. From Alexanders Boat Dock in Tow, the most upriver boat ramp I have found, it is 10 miles to Post Oak falls. The round trip usually takes about 9 hours by sail when you have 10-15 mph south winds. On this trip in 2001 we only went about halfway.

There are 3 waterfalls, the first and most impressive is Falls Creek Falls. I forget the name of the 2nd which is back in a cove that you can only boat to when the lake is up, and Post Oak Falls at the upper end of the navigable water is about 300 feet tall.

You can sail under Fall Creek Falls if you know where the shallow spots are!

Interesting rock formations and wildlife are plentiful on the upper reaches of Lake Buchanan, but you won't see many houses. The ranch land bordering the river at this point is not well served by roads and has not been developed.

The above pictures were taken in 2001.

There are many towns and communities surrounding Lake Buchanan and I hope to give you a look at them in the future, and also a look at the rest of Lake Buchanan.

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