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Lake LBJ Boat Ramps
Lake LBJ Communities and Subdivisions
Geese Nesting on LBJ Lake Buchanan

Before the Highland Lakes formed, Marble Falls and Kingsland were the only communities in the area around what is now Lake LBJ. Gradually other subdivisions, resorts and developements were built around the lake. Much of the shoreline is now developed, mostly lakeside homes, however there are still many miles of undeveloped ranch land on the lake.

BLUELAKE is on the south side of the lake between Deerhaven and Sunrise Beach. Sandy Creek, which has a watershed extending to Enchanted Rock, divides Bluelake and Sunrise Beach.

DEERHAVEN is well named. On the south of the lake between Horseshoe Bay and Bluelake, this small community is full of deer. It has a golf course and most homesites are either on the lake or have a view of it.

Undeveloped land south of Lake LBJ

Deerhaven on left, Blue Lake on right

GRANITE SHOALS, is on the north shore of Lake LBJ about 5 miles west of Marble Falls on Hwy 1431. It takes its name from the granite shoals along it's banks. Granite Shoals was developed as a lake resort but became an incorporated community in the 1960s. Its population doubled from 300 in the late 1960s to 634 in the early 1980s and to 1300 by 1990. It has numerous lakeside parks and boat ramps, and the Tropical Hideaway has condominiums, a bar, gas, a nice sandy beach for swimming, and live music on weekends during the summer.

BEAVER ISLAND(foreground) and WEBB ISLE are unincorporated communtites near the middle of Lake LBJ.

HIGHLAND HAVEN is recently incorporated to provide sewer service to its residents. A small community next to Camp Champions on the north side of the lake, known for quiet and lack of traffic.

HORSESHOE BAY, nice homes, beautiful landscaping, fountains, marina, great golf courses, Horseshoe Bay has it all. Waterfront condos line the water on the inner part of the horseshoe, and private homes line the point going out to the lighthouse. The exclusive Waterfront cafe on the dock is very popular.

The north western side of the Horseshoe

KINGSLAND, is nestled between the Llano and Colorado rivers. It was originally called Kingsville, for Martin D. King, who with J. M. Trussell had purchased the land on which it is located in 1877. The town was the site of a cotton gin and a small trading center in the 1880s. Activity increased with the extension of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad to Llano through Kingsville in 1892. By 1901 the community had changed it's name to Kingsland to avoid confusion with Kingsville in south Texas. It became the location of a growing number of businesses, including the Antlers Hotel, built by railroad interests, which has recently been restored. Kingsland had a reported population of 750 in 1907 but suffered a temporary decline, aggravated by a fire in 1922; in 1925 the population was reported as 150. The opportunities afforded by the Highland Lakes for retirement and recreational businesses had revived Kingsland by the mid-1960s as an regional commercial center, and in 1986 it had numerous businesses, including a national bank, and a population of 1,500. In 1990 the population was 2,725. Today it has two banks, an H-E-B, and many other businesses. It has many resorts, lodges and RV campgrounds on the water. A golf course and airstrip are located near the center of town.

Kingsland in the fork.

Homes along the Llano.

OAKRIDGE ESTATES is a small developement on the south side of the lake between Horseshoe Bay and Horseshoe Bay West. If you like deer in your yard this is the place to live!

The deer are pretty tame here

SHADY ACRES, between Highland Haven and Granite Shoals on the north side of the lake, is another sleepy subdivision on the lake.

SUNRISE BEACH VILLAGE, lining the south shore near the middle of the lake, was one of the first lakefront subdivisions on Lake LBJ, is between Marble Falls and Llano in Llano County. Founded in 1958 by developer David Miller of San Antonio as a resort and retirement center and given the name Sunrise Beach. In 1966 the community had recreational facilities, motels, restaurants, and businesses concerned with building trades. By 1970 the estimated population had risen to 800. After peaking at 1,025 in the mid-1970s, the population fell to 420 by 1980. The community was incorporated shortly thereafter, and the name was later changed to Sunrise Beach Village. In 1990 the population was 497, and now is about 700 full time residents.

Accomodations in Sunrise Beach are at Sunrise Beach Marina 325 388 9393. T-Mart general store, at the T of Highway 2233 and Sunrise Drive, has everthang for the home or ranch, 325 388 3470.

Beaver Island in the foreground, with about 50 homesites, is just offshore Granite Shoals. The north part of Sunrise Beach is in the bend of the lake.

Lake LBJ

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