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Lake LBJ Boat Ramps
Geese Nesting on LBJ Lake Buchanan
There are several public boat ramps on Lake LBJ. Let's start at the Dam and work our way around the lake clockwise.

Between Horseshoe Bay and Cottonwood Shores, about 4 miles from Hwy 281, turn off Hwy 2147 at the signs for Bay Marine and LBJ Marina on Wirtz Dam Rd, then turn left into the Sail & Ski parking lot. The LCRA boat ramp is between them in a protected cove with a dock on one side, a great ramp. It slopes at just the right angle to a depth of 5 feet, and after that the bottom is fairly level rock. Best place to launch a fixed keel sailboat or large motor boat on Lake LBJ. Ample parking, the white striped spaces are for the LCRA ramp users. Free ramp with dock next to ramp. At the LBJ Marina is the Granite Beach Grill on the water, restaurant, just south of the dam, open in summer. If you're on the water park at Dock B to eat. Their Sunday breakfast buffet is great!

Continuing around the lake, Horseshoe Bay has a private ramp, and so does Oakridge Estates, Deerhaven, Blue Haven, The Trails, and Sandy Harbor has two, all private.

Sunrise Beach: Buy your bait at T-Mart, the only store in Sunrise Beach has gas, food, ice, beer, bait and everthang for the home or ranch. On Sunrise Dr. just as you come into town.
Sunrise Beach has three public ramps maintained by the city. The McNair Park ramp is sheltered from south winds and has good parking, turn right on Sunrise Drive which makes a right and turns into Sandy Mountain Drive, next left on Inspiration, then next left on Park Rd. This ramp is in a cove and faces northwest, so is protected from the prevailing south winds. The left side of the dock (facing the water) is a little deeper. This ramp is actually a natural granite formation, not "exactly" smooth but works fine.
Another park is on open water and can be tough with a south or east wind. To get to it when you get to Sunrise Beach stay on 2233, after the 40 mph sign go over a hill and turn right on East Lakeshore. Follow this winding road just past the 400 block and the park and ramp will be on the right.
The third boat ramp is in north Sunrise Beach, stay on 2233 almost to the end, take the right curve onto Circle, then left on Park (a different Park). Nice ramp with dock surrounding swimming area. These three are free.
Also in Sunrise Beach, The Lodge on Lake LBJ, formally Sandyland Resort, has a good ramp with docks on both sides, but was purchased by a group of families in 2004 and is now private.

In Kinsgland the Lions Club has a park with a good ramp, dock on one side. On Hwy 2900, take Euel Moore Drive (first road north of the Llano river bridge). On 1431 turn south on Euel Moore Drive at Thelma Miller Real Estate which is about a mile or less from the Colorado river bridge. $3 donation, good parking, and I've launched a 26 foot boat here with no problem.
El Rio, just east of the Colorado river bridge on 1431, has a fine ramp and parking. Nice convenience store and gas, but not good for sailboats as the ramp is between the Hwy 1431 bridge and the railroad bridge, which are too low for most sailboats taller than Sunfish. $3 fee. Just east of El Rio was T-Birds, a small place to eat outside under the oak tree with great breakfast tacos, hamburgers and more. T-Birds is closed now, Matt says he may open again in Marble Falls someday. I always ate at T-Birds when I went to Kingsland, they really did have the best french fries in town and their Philly Cheese Steak was great.
Many of the resorts in and near Kingsland have ramps for their guests, and there are several on Euel Moore Drive. Euel Moore Drive runs next to the lake from 1431 to 2900, between the two bridges and on the main body of the lake.

Twin Isles has a private ramp for homeowners, phone and cable wires are too low for some sailboats.

Highland Haven and Shady Acres have a private ramp for home owners.

Between Kingsland and Marble Falls on Hwy 1431 is Granite Shoals on the north side of the lake, which has several free public ramps in their lakeside parks. Some are better than others, some have docks. Turn south at either of the two traffic lights in Granite Shoals. If you continue until you reach the lake and drive along the shoreline you will find one easily as there are about 12. On Phillips Ranch Rd (the western light) a mile or two from 1431 on the left is the Happy Cooker, a good small restaurant right next to a convenience store. I like eating here when in Granite Shoals, but don't speed in Granite Shoals, the cops are very watchful!

East of Granite Shoals turn south on the Wirtz Dam road to Sunset Point. Just completely redone with a new boat ramp, Sunset Point has cabins and RV spaces with full hookups. No camping but day use at $5/person. Boat ramp fee of $3 if you are not a guest, they have 6 parking spaces for your car and trailer. I wasn't impressed with the dinky dock at the ramp but Sunset Point is a very nice place, one of the best places on the lake to watch the sunset and at the north side of the dam.

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