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Bail Out On Texoma Sailfest on September 16-18, 2005.

Article by Michial

If you want a good overall lake, you should try Lake Texoma. I sailed/fished up there for over a year on two different boats and I cannot say enough good things about it. I was based out of Grand Pappy Marina, didn't really like it there but that was mainly because I got stuck in a slip that was as far away from the lake as possible to get and took 30 minutes on average to make way through the marina to the lake.

Their facilities were first rate though, and they offer camping walking distance from the marina. They also have a VERY good restaurant/bar (The Point). And lots of HUGE boats to oogle over.

The lake is over 100' in depth, and most of the lake just 20 feet from shore your in 30+ foot of water, so keels aren't a problem. If your going to go to an area called "The Islands" make sure you know where your going if you have a draft of more than about 12 inches, lots of sand bars. Great area for sight seeing though, lots of big party boats go to the islands. If you like quiet then I'd suggest another area (anywhere else). The Islands is mostly parties.

Fishing is great, especially stripers. Jug lines have netted some NICE sized catfish (20#) for my son, and the lakes water quality is usually good, except when the thermal layer turns, and its the typical Texas Algae Cess Pool for a couple three weeks.


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