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Rob Young brought his two oldest children to the Lodge on Lake LBJ for my sailing class, October 2004, Douglas (13) and Margaret (11). Quite fitting to have a family from Scotland to learn to sail my Flying Scot. Here Margaret's on the tiller while Douglas handles the jib sheet. Rob is just smiling.

Douglas takes the tiller and Margaret has the jib sheet. Rob and I had it easy, but the kids had most of the fun!

While flying the spinnaker is not always part of the class, these kids were special. They completed all of the exercises ahead of time, the second day the wind slacked off to a little less than 15 mph, so we made a spinnaker run. Here's Douglas flying the spinnaker while dad steers, to really let him get the feel of it he controls both the guy AND the sheet.
Not to be outdone, Margaret also flies the spinnaker. At age 11 she is the youngest student ever to fly the spinnaker on my Flying Scot.
After finishing the Flying Scot portion of the class, they sail the Sunfish, the Dolphin Sr., and dad takes the Holder 12 out. Wish I had a telephoto lens on my camera, but in this shot dad is trying to catch Douglas and Margaret in the Dolphin Sr. He didn't catch them, lol.
Coming back to the dock, the kids have been instructed in how to land the boat on our ramp, and they have done it with David. This time they are on their own! This requires timing, and doing everything in the proper sequence. Especially today with a strong wind. Two days before, these kids had never sailed. They must aim for the ramp first.
Margaret makes sure the daggerboard is free and prepares to raise it. Not doing so the daggerboard will hit the ramp and possibly break the daggerboard trunk or the daggerboard.
Margaret pulls the board free while Douglas releases the mainsheet and steers for the last vacant spot on the ramp.
A perfect landing! Two more sailors have earned their wings!
Douglas and Margaret were special. Not the youngest I've taught, perhaps not the brightest, but it's hard to remember any brighter. Their willingness to learn, their supportive father, and gung ho attitude has them number 1 in my book. Rob is definitely a wonderful father, and I was constantly impressed with everything he did during the class. This is the kind of class I love to teach. Margaret and Douglas will remember this the rest of their lives, the days they learned to sail.
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