Catalina 25 boatlift

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This is a boatlift for a Catalina 25 here on Lake LBJ, which as usually constant level. The lift is mounted below the dock, and constructed of large steel beams. The bunkers shown here are 4X6 beams, but we replaced them with 2X6's reinforced by 2 1/2" angle iron.

Johnny also put these spacers under the outside bolts to put a bit of bend in the boards to start with.

With the boards angled in it to fit the hull it's ready for the boat. There is a large beam with 2X10 board to support the keel in the center.

Here's the boat on the lift. a perfect fit.

The bunkers were set with a slight twist to match the curve of the hull.

A one horsepower electric motor provides the lifting power.

I was impressed with Johnny Briggs high quality work, and he's very easy to work with. Call Johnny at home 830 693 4155 or on his cell phone at 512 715 4652 for docks and lifts on the Highland Lakes of Central Texas.

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