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RC Laser

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This page was made in 2002, prices are no longer valid! Page is kept online only for historical value.
The radio control sailboat you've been waiting for is now available! The RC Laser is not a kit, it comes ready to sail. Just add batteries and sail away! Accesories are available to make the RC Laser even more fun!

Don took me to Lake Buchanan to try out this revolutionary boat, and I was impressed. It sails like a dream, handling both light and heavy winds well.
With the sail out the downwind runs are quick. And it all fits in the optional flat carrying bag, just put it in your back seat and go. No gluing, no painting, no sanding to make parts fit together!
I used to own a full size Laser, and it amazed me how the RC Laser handles just like the full size one!
It handles an impressive amount of heel before heading up. Just the right amount of weather helm is built in.
Our booth at the Austin Boat Show was well attended. We had a great time, sold several boats, and are looking forward to a great year in 2003.

Throwing a bow wave and leaving a wake is normal for this boat. You'd expect a boat of this quality to cost much more, with carbon fiber mast, geared sail servo and other high quality features. The complete system, including the HiTec radio transmitter, is only $429! All you need to go sailing is 12 AA batteries.

Boat in a Bag Package: The complete RC Laser with radios and servos ready to sail with a "B" (standard sail, good in winds from 8 - 18 mph), one of the new carrying bags with everything packed in it, radio transmitter lanyard ready to hit the water. The price on this "Package" is $519.

The Works Package: The complete boat, the new style bag, transmitter lanyard, recharge kit with nickel-metal hydride batteries, mast top wind vane, Stainless steel cradle, "A" sail (good for winds from 1 - 8 mph, includes another mast and goose neck), "B" sail and rig (standard), and a "C" rig (good for winds from 18 - 25 mph) There's nothing else to get except a hat with this package! :-) The price of this one is: $739.

Family or Club discount! Buy 4 or more boats shipped to the same address and recieve $50 credit for each boat towards accesories ordered at the same time!

These are all 2003 prices and are no longer current

Take a look at the many Accessories available for the RC Laser.

For more information see the
American Model Yacht Association website

Photo by Dedisse

This page was made in 2002, prices are no longer valid! Page is kept online only for historical value.