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This page was made in 2002, prices are no longer valid! Page is kept online only for historical value.

RC Laser Accessories and Parts, 2003 prices.
Photos below by Out There Technologies
This remarkably well designed bag is made of heavy nylon, and has a plastic and foam stiffener sewn into the outside surface to protect the contents. Pockets are specifically designed for the parts of the RC Laser - to include a pocket for sails (so they lie flat), mast, hull, rudder, keel, radio, cradle. You can carry by hand or over your shoulder. Makes boat easy to store. The ultimate accessory. $120


Cradle (Boat Stand) - Simple but extremely effective. This cradle will support your RC Laser wherever you go and folds in a jiffy to pack in your carrying case or over your arm. Made of stainless steel, this is as easy and effective as it gets. $36
Consider the chair version of the Soft Stand.When the boat is sailing, you can sit in a comfortable chair. $25

The "A" Rig - This sail increases the performance of the RC Laser dramatically in the 0-10 mph wind range. At 949 sq. in., it is huge compared to the standard 710 sq. in. standard "B" rig. This sail comes with its own specially designed mast (14" taller) which facilitates quick changing. $65
The "B" Rig - This sail comes with the boat, unless your dog eats yours you should not need another. $38
The "C" Rig - Also called the Storm Sail, this sail has the same luff as the standard sail but a much shorter foot. The sail allows the boat to balance and sail very well in winds over 22 knots. Made of the same remarkable material as the standard sail, it can be substituted in just a minute. $38

Optional Package Discounts

Boat in a Bag Package: The complete RC Laser with radios and servos ready to sail with a "B" (standard sail, good in winds from 8 - 18 mph), one of the new carrying bags with everything packed in it, radio transmitter lanyard ready to hit the water, a sail number kit. The price on this "Package" is $535!

The Works Package: The complete boat, the new style bag, transmitter lanyard, recharge kit with nickel-metal hydride batteries, sail number kit, mast top wind vane, Stainless steel cradle, "A" sail (good for winds from 1 - 8 mph, includes another mast and goose neck), "B" sail and rig (standard), and a "C" rig (good for winds from 18 - 25 mph) There's nothing else to get except a hat with this package! :-) The price of this package is: $749!

Photo by Dedisse

Accessories Wind Vane - We already have leech flow tails that come standard on RC Laser sails, but there is something special about a mast head wind vane. Ours is painted with florescent yellow on one side and day glow orange on the other to read it better. It is very light weight and has a slick balancing pin in the nose. It is easily installed to the top of your sail by taping the mount tube right to the sail. The vane mast slips in and out of the tube for easy storage. Comes with a handy storage tube. $19

Rechargeable Battery System - Your boat will sail well with standard drugstore alkaline batteries, AA size. You should get 4-5 hours from one set of 12 batteries. However, if you want to forget about batteries, a rechargeable set of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries will last you many years of hard sailing. This system comes with 8 loose AA NiMH batteries for the transmitter, and a 5-pack (6 volt) of batteries for the boat. In addition, you get a wall trickle charger with two dedicated leads that allows you to charge the batteries in the transmitter and the 5-pack in the boat at the very same time. And the greatest feature of this overnight charger is that it can be left on indefinitely without doing damage to your batteries. So plug in when you bring your boat home and leave it until the next time you sail. $79 for NiMH Recharge Kit
Recharge Kit Deluxe - We include a magnetic switch to the above kit, to replace the standard "on-off" switch that comes with the boat. When the magnet is placed on deck (VelcroŽ connection), then the boat battery system is turned off inside. When the magnet is removed and put in your pocket, the boat is operational. A slightly better mousetrap! $89 for NiMH Recharge Kit Deluxe

Downhaul Kit - Each sail has a grommet installed in the foot of the sail just aft of the mast. We supply this kit to allow the skipper to tension the luff of the sail which bends the mast, thereby flattening the sail. This Downhaul/Cunningham works well when the wind is up. $4
Neck Lanyard - Most sailors will tell you, "put the lanyard around your neck." The lanyard clips right to the ring on the center front of your transmitter. It prevents the most common reason for transmitter failure - dropping. You will fall in love with the fact that you can use both hands to launch and retrieve your boat without putting down the transmitter. This attractive blue lanyard comes with Model Sailing Center.com woven in silver letters. A great addition to protect your investment. $7
Official Numbers (for boats in US only)- You do NOT need official numbers unless you race. But if you ever intend to get involved in this explosive new sport, you will want to get your numbers. Included in this kit are two sets of 4" number decals for your sail (one on each side), 2 sets of USA letters for your sail, 1 number and USA combo decal for the aft deck, and complete instructions for proper placement of these decals. Numbers are issued in sequence. $10
RC Laser eNewsletter - It is called "Drum Roll" and is epublished 10 times per year. In this notice, you will find all the latest info about your boat, and the happenings around the country - and world, for that matter. A brief, fun read, you will definitely enjoy. $10/yr.

PARTS (2003 prices)

While almost nothing ever breaks on the RC Laser, sometimes parts are lost or the dog finds it!
B Sail (Standard Main) $38
Boom (includes 3 sliders) $ 15
Boom Slider ea $ 1
Mast w/gooseneck $25
Speed Clips - Set of 4 $3
Hull Bow Pulley $ 5
Hatch Cover $ 1
Keel w/ballast $54
Rudder $ 8
Tiller w/bearing $ 4

Batteries - NiMH 5-Pack $29
Batteries - NiMH AA (8) $29
Charger - Trickle, 2 - lead $17
Receiver, 27 Mhz $47
Receiver, 75 Mhz $47
Servo - Steering $17
Servo - Sail Winch $69
Switch $ 9
Switch Gasket $ 4

This page was made in 2002, prices are no longer valid! Page is kept online only for historical value.

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