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This is NOT the best way to search for a sailboat for sale! This search will include ALL the boats on Sailing Texas, including the over 18,000 in the Photo Gallery, so if you use this search, most of the boats will be already sold.

Sailing Texas is a large website, with about 19,000 pages, so to help you find things the Google search system can quickly find things across the website. If you get too many results, enclosing your search terms "in quotes" may help.


  • To look for a particular boat, enter the make and length or model, Hunter JY15 or Hunter 25 for example.

  • Go to Sailing Texas classifieds for current sailboats for sale

    To search just the boats for sale, go to the appropriate Sailboats for Sale page (there are only 4) and use Cntrl-F to search for the model or state you are interested in (use the full state name, not the abbreviation).

  • This search is provided for Sailing Texas by Google, so new boats won't show up in the results until Google has indexed the site again, which they only do about once a day.