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So How do I Love You

by Judithann R Prewett

So how do I Love you

So how do I love you you ask
I love you like I love the sun when it shines down on me
I love you like the flowers love the rain
I love you like your the only man on earth.
So this is how I love you.

To my drunken friend

As you lay on the floor past out
I can only pray you will wake up tomorrow
To bring my life more joy
I pray you will wake up to hold my hands when I'm afraid
I Pray you will wake up so that I may be a better friend and lover
And as you sleep I'll look over you
and be "by" your side
I pray God don't take you away from me tonight
Just like I pray ever night you drink your beer
I'll pray for you

My life would be nothing with out you

My life with out you would be nothing
your the one that holds me up when I'm down.
Your the one I run to when I feel I can't go on.
your there to lift me up.
Your the one I need to hold me why I sleep
you and you alone make each tomorrow a
Better day for me.

You're The One

You're the one
You're the one I want to hold me
You're the one with that specail touch
You're my best friend
You're the sun in my days you are the one I love and need
You're my best friend and lover so I ask u this just once dont take
my heart and throw it away
for you hold my heart in your hand
you are the one that makes me happy

You're The Only Man For Me

I'll be by your side forever more.
I'll hold your hands.
I'll lift you up when you are blue
I'll be your friend as long as you need one.
I'll hang on to every word you speak as long as you can talk
I'll be everything and more to you
A caring sweet loving person
with a heart so true
and feelings so strong I will stand bye, you my love Chris


Though I cannot touch you.
I can feel you.
Though I canot see you.
I know how beautiful you are.

Though you live so far away,
I feel you're almost
Close enough to tough,
When I hear you speak.

Though I miss you a lot,
I love you more.
You gave me hope, when I had none.

You gave me love,
When my heart was only
Shattered glass.

By your touch, you healed my wounds.
Though I was wretched,
A touch from you made me happy.

Though your love, and gentle touch
My heart is no longer made
Of shattered glass.

baby makayla

You lived inside me for 40 weeks.
You kicked my ribs and made me cry.
You cried when you were born.
And I cried because I was so happy.
When you smiled your first real smile I cried.
When you took your first steps I cried.
You cry alot I don't alway's know what to do.
So I change your diaper
And that don't help so I feed you .
But yet you still cry.
So I give you a bath and that makes you stop crying.
Your daddy comes home and you are asleep.
Who ever thought I would be a mother.

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Copyright © 2003, Judithann R Prewett, all rights reserved

November, 2003

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