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Miss Piggy, by Larry Wegeman

Anytime Miss Piggy's enticing eyes lie in wait around her mesmerizing smile all hope waits, as her gaze gently wanders upward to imagine the man of her dreams. The romantic mood revealed by her heart is exaggerated by her bust size. The petite styles of her clothing coordinate the thought of this the finest of all expectations, with her desperation. Mostly she's fond of Kermit the frog, but his just and only response is negative to her obsessive nature. He fumbles at the sight of her overwhelming need for attention. The girlish call for help speaks of Miss Piggy's need for a relationship, or perhaps many relationships. So with her arms outstretched, she grasps at the air and hugs its loneliness. Surely, Miss Piggy would settle for anyone, which speaks of her broad appeal to a tireless audience.

Copyright © 2001, Larry Wegeman, all rights reserved

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