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2003 Chevy Tracker review, by Larry Wegeman

2003 Chevy Tracker The nicest thing about my new Chevy Tracker is the thirty miles it gets on every gallon. I don't know much more about it, except that it used to be called a Geo Tracker. Then when Chevrolet became confident of the vehicle's performance they stuck the Chevy name on it, as a way of improving the fleet's overall gas mileage.

2003 Chevy Tracker David asked me if it was front-wheel drive. After I told him that I didn't know, he wanted to bet that it was. I didn't care, besides the steering felt just fine. One concern of mine however, was whether it would roll readily. So, one day I took a left hand turn rather fast. The SUV skidded on its brand new tires, but didn't feel like it was close to rolling. I recovered from the skid (don't try this at home folks) and smiled all the way home. It was thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars well spent.

2003 Chevy Tracker The rear seat isn't much, so I keep it folded down to increase the truck size. There's never more than me and a friend in the front seat anyway and oh yeah, I'm six foot four inches. There's about five inches of headroom between my head and the canvas slide-back sunroof, and my long legs are as comfortable as they have ever been in any vehicle.

2003 Chevy Tracker Just yesterday, David looked under my Chevy Tracker and announced that it was rear-wheel drive. I didn't care. Thirty miles to the gallon is thirty miles to the gallon, and I love it.
Copyright © 2003, Larry Wegeman, all rights reserved

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