2003 Lake Canyon Yacht Club Wurstfest Regatta, Sunfish and Laser Fleets

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I was too far away to take pictures of the Sunfish and Laser fleets, who raced on different courses. 28 Sunfish and 14 Lasers, they each had their own course.
Sunfish race

Hank Saurage took 1st in the Sunfish class, the winner was not decided until the last of 8 races.
Hank Saurage, 1st place

Steve Senneff won 2nd.
Steve Senneff
Ash Beatty won the 3rd and 8th race for third overall.
Ash Beatty
David Grogono took 1st place in the Laser class, with Chris Henkel 2nd and his dad Ed Henkel 3rd. I hope I have these pictures right.
David Grogono

Chris Henkel

Ed Henkel
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Sunfish and Laser fleets

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