Mark Foy Trophy, 1935

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International 18ft Skiff Class Association

Double Bay, Sydney, Australia

Press Release

December 13, 2008

New Trophy for the International 18ft Skiff Circuit

The 18 Foot Skiff International Association is delighted to announce a new global competition, the Mark Foy Trophy, to be sailed for the first time in Carnac (France) between June 29th and July 04th 2009.

Mark Foy was one of the founders of the 18ft Skiff Class in Sydney in 1892 and a uniquely designed trophy bearing his name was recently rediscovered in the clubhouse of the Sydney Flying Squadron. Newly renovated and kindly donated by the Foy family, this valuable trophy will now take its rightful place as an International 18ft Skiff trophy.

As a sign of the importance of the class outside Australia, and to show particular support for the class in Europe, the first venue to hold a series of races for this Trophy will be Carnac in France, often cited as the birthplace of European 18ft Skiff racing. A huge turnout of 18ft Skiffs is expected, with over 30 boats representing Australia, New Zealand, the USA and many European countries, with previous JJ Giltinan winners and champions from other classes competing over 6 days in a gala event hosted by Yacht Club de Carnac.

John Harris, Commodore of the Australian 18 Footer League, comments, "Our International class organisation is mandated to foster the growth of the class building on its success Internationally, and promoting the regattas held annually in Australia, Europe and the USA. The JJ Giltinan Trophy has been raced as a "world championship" on Sydney Harbour since 1935, and the Mark Foy Trophy is both a reflection of the popularity of 18 Footer Sailing Internationally and a fitting celebration for the class as it looks to continue its growth on all continents. The JJ Giltinan event will continue to be run in Sydney every year and maintain its iconic status as one of the ultimate sailing trophies to be won in the world today".

In 2010, the Mark Foy Trophy will return to its birthplace in Sydney, Australia and will be run alongside the JJ Giltinan Trophy to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the world's most exciting skiff class. San Francisco in 2011 and Auckland in 2012 are then scheduled hosts for the Mark Foy Trophy.

Notes on the trophy:

The trophy was designed by Mark Foy and crafted in Hong Kong in 1935. It stands 50cm tall, and is decorated with an ornate Chinese junk on top, reflecting the origin of the trophy and Mark Foy's passion for travel. On the handles, and embossed on the base, are shapes of the Australian "Dugong", a native Australian fish that by law can now only be fished by indigenous Australians. This unique and valuable trophy will take up permanent residence in the Sydney Flying Squadron opposite the Harbour Bridge, overlooking the waters where 18ft skiff racing started

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Mark Foy Trophy

Mark Foy Trophy

Mark Foy Trophy

Mark Foy Trophy

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