H.O.T., Heart Of Texas Centerboard Regatta 2004, September 11 & 12, 2004

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Stillhouse Sailing Club hosted its annual “HOT” Centerboard Regatta, September 11 & 12, 2004. This two-day event for centerboard monohulls and beach catamarans was very fun. This regatta combines great racing, a party and a good dinner. The winds were light but the racing was intense. We had three classes, Laser, Sunfish, and Portsmouth. Sorry I forgot my camera.



  • 1 David Grogono
  • 2 Tyler Jones
  • 3 Renee Ruais
  • 4 Charlie Daniel
  • 5 Mike Mashl
  • 6 Martin Koppers


  • 1 Warren Fitzpatrick
  • 2 Patricia Manning
  • 3 Keke Dekeyser
  • 4 Victor Manning
  • 5 Tom Gibson


  • 1 Rey Garza, Mutineer 15
  • 2 David Luckenbach, Flying Scot
  • 3 Kyle Smith, Buccaneer 18
  • 4 Morris Camp, Coronado 15
  • 5 Jennifer Loehlin, Harpoon 5.2
  • 6 Bill Gillilan, Dolphin 17
  • 7 Charles Smithey, Dolphin Sr
  • 8 Rick Powers, MC Scow

    David Grogono from the Austin Yacht Club was smokin the Lasers with 4 wins. Tyler won a tie for 2nd with Renee. Warren won the Sunfish class, but it was close with Patricia only 3 points behind him.

    The Portsmouth class was wild, with positions changing several times each race. Rey Garza's son Danny was on the tiller and won hands down with two 1sts and 2 2nds. Luckenbach had a horrible first race with a wind shift making his spinnaker useless, finishing 6. He came back with 2 2nds and handily winning the last race with a 5 minute lead over 2nd! The wind followed him around the course that last race while deserting everyone else. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact the HOT Regatta Chair, Bilge Broaddus: [254]698-4844 broadc@earthlink.net .Or contact the Stillhouse Hollow Sailing Club website

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