2006 Easter Laser Regatta, April 15/16, 2006, Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis, Texas

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Alison Alison had fun with me at the Easter Laser Regatta, I volunteered for race committee duty and she was eager to join me for two days on the water. We had "Chase 2" and got to move marks when the wind shifted and give water to the racers. David
We took two cameras, so Alison and I were both taking pictures. It's going to take me a few days to go through them and post them on the site, so come back and see them. Doug Kern did well the first three races but had to drop out. Here he leads the start of race one, in which he finished 4th. Even after missing the last 5 races he finished 21st overall out of the 27 full rigs.
Doug Kern leads the start of race one

The racing was very close in race 3, with the lead often changing hands.
Race 3 on saturday

The wind on Saturday was often 15-20 mph, so the races were quick. Doug Kern flies downwind in race 1. Doug Kern in race 1
162502 wasn't listed on the race results, I guess because his mast broke in race 3. mystery racer, race 1
mystery racer, race 3
Fletcher Avery finished 12th in race one, and 17th overall. Fletcher Avery, race 1
Alex Scanlon took 4th in race one, and won second place in the radial fleet. Alex Scanlon, downwind in race 1
Jonathan Baker got 9th in race one, and was 7th overall. Jonathan Baker, race one.
Travis Lecorey finished in 11th place in race one, but finished the weekend in 2nd place in the full rigs. Travis Lecorey, race one.
Philippe Bettler was 20th overall. Philippe Bettler
Felipe Payet was very consistent. Felipe Payet
Ravi Subramanian won this race and was 4th overall for the weekend radials Ravi Subramanian
Norman Vallette finished 9th in the first radial race, missed race 4 and 5, and yet finished 7th overall. Norman Vallette
Rounding the leeward mark, full rigs race 1. rounding leeward mark
Doug Peckover leads in 149482 as they beat back to weather, Scott Young in 177073 looks to be about 6th or 7th here but he won this race. Doug Peckover leads on this windward leg
Doug clearly leads Mike Mashl and the boats that took the left side of the course, but several have gone right. Doug rounds the weather mark 1st, but Scott Young had the inside overlap on two boats and rounded 2nd right behind him. Doug Peckover leads the boats that took the left of the course.
Jibe mark rounding. Second lap of race 1. Click play once, it will be very slow on dialup.
Ravi Subramanian in 138699 leads the radials upwind, he won race one. Ravi Subramanian leads the radials upwind.
Mike Mashl rounds the leeward mark and heads for a 19th finish in race 1. Mike Mashl, #178894
Rounding the leeward mark, Philip Crain leads Genoa Griffin and Alex Scanlon, they couldn't catch Ravi, but Genoa passed Philip for 2nd and Alex was 4th in race 1. Mike Mashl, #178894
Fred Schroth rounds the mark in race 1, finsihing 6th in this race. Fred was 4 overall for the weekend and won the Masters division. Fred Scroth, #175002
Doug Peckover rounds right behind Fred and went on to place 2nd in this race and overall 1st place for the regatta. Doug Peckover, #149482
Gustavo Tenrreiro in 174020 was right behind Doug and stayed there, passing Fred for 3rd place in race one. Gustavo Tenrreiro, #174020
John O'Riordan rounds the mark, finsihing 8th in race 1 and 8th overall in the radial class. John O'Riordan, #170672
David Grogono won 10th in race 1 and 8th overall in the full rigs. David Grogono, #176263
Michelle Strebel took 7th in this first radial race, 9th overall. Michelle Strebel, #181858

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