2006 Easter Laser Regatta race 2, April 15/16, Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis, Texas

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Scott Young took the left end of the starting line in race 2. In this video you can see his start strategy, he is sail #177033 just past the orange chase boat. Sitting on the line, at 2 seconds before the start he leans his boat to leeward. At the start he pulls it back to accelerate acrose the line, then as soon as he's across he bears off a bit and does a quick roll tack to cut in front of all the racers still on starboard tack. A beautiful start to go on to win the race. Click the play button to see the video.
Jibing at the first leeward mark rounding. Click the play button to see the video.

Paul Denison beating upwind in the 2nd windward leg. Paul Denison, #176223
Genoa Griffin took first place radials in race 2. Genoa Griffin, #179133
Norman Vallette took 7th in race 2. Norman Vallette, #176229
Sam Livingston did better the first two races on Sunday. Sam Livingston, #79
Neil Jones best race was race 3 with 19th. Neil Jones, #169657
Race 2 was David Morgans worst, placing 13th. He finished the weekend in 6th place. David Morgan, #181854
Fred Scroth runs downwind in the 2nd race, placing 5th. Fred Schroth, #175002
Bruce Moore and Billy Eno neck and neck, Bruce was 10th in this race and Billy took 12th. Bruce Moore and Billy Eno

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