2006 Easter Laser Regatta races 6, 7 & 8, April 15/16, Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis, Texas

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Easter Sunday Easter morning the buoys headed for the course as the wind picked up.
Scott Young couldn't make it on Sunday, missing the last 3 races dropped him from 1st to 9th.
Start of race 6.

Renee Ruais, radial, took 5 in race 6. She was very consistent all weekend, winning 2nd in the radial master class.
Renee Ruais, #162453

After the windward mark, Doug Peckover leads the fleet downwind, with John Kolius close behind him. First downwind leg race 6
Andreas Bernard leads Travis Lecorey and Doug Peckover around the reach mark on the second lap, Travis past him later to take 2nd in race 6, and Doug passed them both to win, but it was the best race of the weekend for Andreas who took 3rd. Andreas Bernard, #177327
Jonathan Baker also had his best race in race 6, placing 5th. Jonathan Baker, #192901
John McBride wasn't far behind, race 6 was the best for him too, placing 8th. John McBride, #1
A close finish, Doug Peckover is barely ahead of Travis Lecorey. Doug Peckover and Travis Lecorey
Andreas Bernard wasn't far ahead of John Kolius either, 3rd and 4th in race 6. Andreas Bernard and John Kolius
After race 6 the wind picked up. More wind for race 7.
Race 7. Fred Schroth gets to the windward mark first, and leads the entire fleet on the first downwind leg. Fred Schroth leads in race 7
The wind lightened up for a bit, but Fred is still holding onto 1st. Fred leads the way downwind.
Somehow John Kolius passed Fred on that downwind leg and got to the leeward mark first. John Kolius, winner race 7 and 8
Fred rounded it in 2nd, and here Travis Lecorey and Mark Hulings are 3rd and 4th. Travis Lecorey and Mark Hulings
Mark had a flock on Lasers on his tail at the mark, but he held on to fourth in race 7. first leeward mark race 7
Windward mark rounding, race 7. Click the play button to start the video.
Fred takes 3rd in race 7, with three 3rds Fred wins 4th place in the regatta. Fred at the finish line, race 7
Race 8, soon after the start John Kolius leads the fleet upwind on a port tack. Race 8, first upwind leg.
From the left of the picture, Andreas Bernard, Mark Hulings and David Grogono tack left, while John Kolius stayed on the port tack. Bill Mitchell and David Morgan on starboard, and Paul Denison is right there too. Race 8, first upwind leg.
Mark Hulings is the first of the apparant leaders to tack back to the right of the course, and Travis Lecorey appears. Race 8, first upwind leg.
Andreas tacks next, John Kolius is STILL (or was it again?) on a port tack heading for shore. Race 8, first upwind leg.
John Kolius continues to hug the western shore, and now appears to be ahead. Race 8, first upwind leg.
John gets on starboard tack, and converges with Andreas, Mark and David. Race 8, first upwind leg.
Approaching the windward mark, the leaders get closer. I can't tell who's ahead. Race 8, first upwind leg.
John Kolius rounds the mark first, then Mark Hulings, Doug Peckover and David Grogono. John went on to win race 8, with Doug Peckoever 2nd and Travis Lecorey 3rd. Race 8, first upwind leg.

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