2005 Easter Laser Regatta, Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis, Texas

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2006 Easter Laser Regatta
2005 Easter Laser Regatta Winners Let's start off with the ending, on the left the winners and their trophies, on the right Fred Schroth, was he in charge or what? Fred Schroth, THE MAN

No, this isn't Fred
I volunteered for race duties and was assigned to the weather mark boat on Saturday. It was very educational!

Friday night, a severe storm with large hail caused mucho damage. Bartlett Sails had roof torn off, I saw several hail dented vehicles and many houses lost windows and now have leaky roofs. Renee had to miss the races to patch her house.

Starting was delayed a bit while the thunderstorms moved over, then we got one race in before lunch. Here's a pic during the first mark rounding in the first race. Note the form of the racer on the far left, winds were 15 to 20 for this race and it was a common sight.
Easter Laser Regatta, race 1, first windward mark rounding

Leah Hoepfner took 2nd place in the Radial class.
Leah Hoepfner, 2nd place Radial

Radials left to right with their overall rank, Kate Donnelly 5th, Johan Backstrom from Sweden 4th, Patrick Ryan 8th, and Ravi Subramanian 7th. Early in the first race. That could possibly be John Bowden, 162347, in the background, who won every radial race. More radials rounding the weather mark in the first race
The leaders round the weather mark the second time, Scott Young who won this race is leading Mark Eldred who finished 2nd in race 1. 2nd weather mark rounding, leaders
Eric Faust was right behind them and was 4th in the first race. 2nd weather mark rounding, Eric Faust
Anthony Hudson was 4th around the mark here, but was 3rd in the first race. He passed Eric somewhere. 2nd weather mark rounding, Anthony Hudson
Frederick Backstrom, who finished 5th overall. He was consistent. Frederick Backstrom rounding the weather mark
On the left is Matt Sterett, who finished this race 6th and took 4th overall. On the right is Doug Kern, 8th in race one and 6th overall. Matt Sterett and Doug Kern rounding the weather mark
Tim Fitsgerald, 2nd place first race, 3rd overall in the radials. Tim Fitsgerald rounding the weather mark
Some of the best pictures are on the next two pages, the third page has the pics from Easter Sunday, with a wind chill of 40 degrees (fahrenheit) and winds 25+ mph.
Page two, more of the Saturday races!
Page three, Sunday races!
Final results
The people who made it happen

2006 Easter Laser Regatta

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