2005 Easter Laser Regatta, Organizers and Race Committee

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Fred Schroth
Steve Wesson, PRO, did a fine job. The kitchen crew did a great job with food and drink for all both days, we couldn't have done it without them!
Steve Wesson, PRO

Barry Bowden, pulling the anchors up yet again on the weather mark boat. Sunday we had to use 3 anchors to sorta hold us in position. That skin will grow back I hope.
Barry Bowden
Fred Schroth, principal organizer and competitor.
Fred Schroth, THE MAN

Mike Kilpatrick showed me the ropes on the race committee weather mark boat. We stayed busy, I tell you what! Most of the time we were setting and resetting the windward buoy in over 100 feet of water, and the mark for the finish, and anchoring our boat for the finish line, AND writing down the results.

It's a lot of fun pulling up the windward mark's over 100 feet of rode to put another anchor on because the high wind is dragging one anchor, but not near as much fun as 10 minutes later pulling up TWO anchors to move the mark a couple hundred feet to try to keep the course straight in the shifting winds, only to get to do it again to move it right back where we started. You should try it! I recommend gloves.

Mike Kilpatrick, one of the weather mark crew

Rey Garza was on the committe boat with Steve and others. There were LOTS of people helping out that aren't listed here.
Rey Garza, committee boat

One of the 3 chase boats
chase boat

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Page two, more of the Saturday races!
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Final results

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