2005 J/24 Texas Circuit, Corpus Christi Yacht Club

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We arrived on Thursday and rigged the boat, on Friday we went for a fun sail on the Corpus Christi Bay to see what it was like. We saw dolphins all weekend.
Sailing for fun on Friday

Saturday morning we headed for the course on Charlie Singstad's bow 40.
Charlie on bow 40

Few pictures from Saturday, the wind picked up and the boat was too wet to have the camera out of the cabin. Roger Harden on 02 was in second place after Saturday, only one point behind Bob Harden.
Roger Harden, bow 02

David Broadway was in 10th after Saturday, very consistent. David Broadway, bow 13
Getting ready for the start of race one. After this the wind picked up and I had to put the camera below. Yes, it is possible to surf with a J/24! Close to the start of race 1
Sunday morning we're happy to be on the way to the course again. The first race was delayed by a passing squall. Charlie Singstad on bow 40.
Tony Slowik on Yikes! Tony Slowik on Yikes!
Martin Hameka on Little Insane was in 13th place after Saturday. Martin Hameka, bow 10
Not sure who this is. J/24
Bill Warsham, bow 03, won the third race and was in third place after Saturday. Bill Warsham on Flood Tip
The wind started picking up for the 2nd race on Sunday. J/24
Roger Harden in the last Sunday race. Roger Harden on bow 04
Bob Harden in Mr. Happy was in first place after Saturday with 2 firsts, a fourth and a fifth. Bob Harden on Mr. Happy
The Corpus Christi Yacht Club was a fine host. With great facilities, food and beverages they sure made us feel welcome. Corpus Christi Yacht Club

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