Aloha 27, 1980, Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, $16,500, price reduced 12/11/07 to $15,384, ad expired

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1980 Aloha 27

  • Good looking, ruggedly built Canadian boat, with C&C patented toe rail.
  • $6,500 recently invested in an epoxied bottom, keel and rudder (both faired too), and 3 coats of fresh VC17, all sanded and resanded race smooth.
  • The hull, but not the deck, was compounded to a next to new look.
  • The boat has not been launched since the work was done.
  • It comes loaded on a triple axle trailer with more than double the capacity of the boat's weight.
  • Please note that the photo of the boat in the water was taken before any work was done, and the photo of the boat on land was during work, but before completion.
  • Discounted price considered on sale without trailer. Trade plus cash also considered on a more trailerable and/or more race oriented boat.
  • Delivery is possible.

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    Aloha 27

    Aloha 27

    Aloha 27

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