American 6.5 (21'), 1978, Denver, Colorado, $4,400, ad expired

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1978 American 6.5 (21')

  • swing keel.
  • Large Main sail, Storm Jib, Standard Jib, Genoa all in good condition
  • 25' mast and extended boom mod to take the powerful main.
  • Boom Vang.
  • Rigging is in good condition, the boat is used regularly and is in immediate sailing condition.
  • New jib halyard and newer mainsheet, etc.
  • Sleeps up to 4 adults.
  • Plenty of storage compartments. Fore hatch. Interior lighting.
  • Port-o-potty.
  • Fiberglass is in solid condition.
  • Mast raising system (gin pole with roller mast crutch). I have raised/lowered the mast singlehandedly on land and water with this system.
  • Brightwork could use a touchup for cosmetic appeal.
  • Companionway hatch needs a small strip of wood (or vinyl) to replace missing lip.

    4 hp yamaha outboard runs excellent or older 4.5 hp Johnson

    1978 Custom Dilly Trailer.

    I enjoy this boat much more than the Catalina or Macgregor vessels. I admire this boat because it has a faster and sportier sail than the other boats. It is also plenty stable for our gusty sailing conditions in the mountains. I think the cabin is much more comfortable and the cockpit is much easier to manage singlehandedly.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    American 6.5 (21') sailboat

    American 6.5 (21') sailboat

    American 6.5 (21') sailboat

    American 6.5 (21') sailboat

    American 6.5 (21') sailboat

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