AMF Puffer, 1983, Douglasville, Georgia, $1,600, price reduced 4/7/08 to $1,447, ad expired

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1983 AMF Puffer

  • 12.5' long
  • 54" beam
  • 44# thrust trolling motor
  • 2 deep cylce batteries
  • swim ladder
  • removable daggerboard
  • rudder pin acuated for removal
  • stick tiller
  • main and jib sail
  • Capcity 600 #

    It has been a great boat for me, I purchased it 2003 from a gentleman who moved from Michigan area, he told me he and his brother would race the boat on one of the great lakes. I do a lot of tent camping in Floridia and used the boat many times in St Andrews Bay at Panama City Beach, St Joseph Bay, St George Sound. I had no experience at sailing boats at all when I purchased the boat, just read read books from ASA and coast guard and got in it and did it. I must say in winds 10 to 15 miles per hour it was exciting and sometimes scary with marine life jumping around you. I also sailed alot at a small lake near my house called Sweet Water Reservoir ( no power boats were allowed) It was a good place for me to figure out how to sail and make the boat do what i wanted. It was very nice the boat responded well in light wind . A lot of times it would look like there was no wind at all from the trees and water ripples and still had enough to maneuver all over the lake.It was very relaxing. When in Bays that are fed buy the gulf i had to learn about currents and the tides to use them to benefit. Fighting a current is challenging and I may not be advanced enough to do so. I know the trolling motor with 44# thrust was no match at times. This is a great training boat and also if you want to push the envelope it can be exciting. I know just before a storm I would rush to the lake and catch a few strong winds. I changed the shrouds to much stonger and thicher cable because they showed heavy wear at the turn buckels.I have a heavy duty trailer because i would take it on long hauls to the gulf side of Floridia. I replaced the wheels and tires with new and have new spare. The trailer I have is for a much larger boat / It has a tilt release where I can launch the boat in shallow water or if the area where launching is a steep drop and you cant back up far into the water. I have also used the boat at Alatoona Lake and too many power boats with no lake etiquet make a day for cussing / I would use the trolling motor and go into remote areas that were shallow for camping on the banks. I have had the boat loaded down with 250# of camping gear / my self 225# and my teenage son 165# and the boat was very stable and moved well in the lake water.

    Take a look at the pictures and contact me if you have any questions. I really hate selling the boat/ I just came back from back from the keys, bahai honda on a bike trip and camping/ this boat would be perfect exploring all over the keys and mash fishing.

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    AMF Puffer

    AMF Puffer

    AMF Puffer

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    AMF Puffer

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