Aquacat, pre-1973, Falls Church, Virginia, $500, sold 8/12/09

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pre 1973 Aquacat

  • pretty good shape
  • The sail is in very good shape - it is still somewhat crisp
  • The trampoline is in pretty good shape with one small area beginning to fray
  • Overall the boat is complete and ready to sail.

    This boat can be rigged rather easily by one person and I would be glad to show you how to set the boat up.

    This summer I had it out at Solomon's Island, MD once in June and once in July.

    Trailer new in 1996 and I will transfer the title to you when you buy (expect to pay DMV fees to register and get your own license plates). It's easy to pull this boat behind a car or an SUV. Through the years I've pulled it behind a Ford Tempo (4 cylinder), Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Escape, and an Acura MDX.

    Thank you for posting the ad Just sold the boat for $450.
    Falls Church, Virginia

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    Aquacat catamaran sailboat

    Aquacat catamaran sailboat

    Aquacat catamaran sailboat

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