Aquarius 23, 1973, Irving, Texas, $350, sold 2/11/07

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1973 Aquarius 23

  • This is a project boat that is about a third of the way thru the refit. All the work so far was done by the PO. It has become obvious to me i am not the one to finish fixing up the boat. I will give the general condition here, call if you want to look it over or need more details.
  • All deck hardware has been removed to ready for painting . (no sanding or painting so far)
  • I have inventoried the hardware, and everything is in the box.
  • There are no sails or engine with boat. (I know where to get a set of sails for this boat cheap)
  • All cabin cushions are present -condition OK, but a little moldy, will need cleaned.
  • PO has removed the soft core from the cabin ceiling and replaced with braced 1x4 boards. Feels very solid.
  • Interior has new plywood and partially finished cabinets. No panelling yet.
  • The trailer seems in good shape (I only really pulled it one time). It is equipped with hyd. trailer brakes (never tested by me). The bunks will have to be replaced (starboard side is mostly not there anymore).
  • Am listing for less than the value of the trailer. You must take boat if you just need a trailer.

    Hello David,
    I am glad to let you know a young man just bought the Aquarius 23. I am happy to say he fully intends to fix her up and get her on the water by early summer. Thanks for your great website, and I am sure he would want to thank you also.

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    Aquarius 23

    Aquarius 23

    Aquarius 23

    Aquarius 23

    Aquarius 23

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