Bauer 10, 2002, Edwards Yacht Sales, St. Augustine, Florida, $1,550, sold 7/26/08

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2002 Bauer 10

  • This lightly used Bauer 10 has lots of options: The Marconi rig with fully battened main and reef points, ss keel guard, extra bow eye, lifting eyes and bridle, teak floor boards, blue hull with red boot stripe, outboard motor mount.

    We all aspire to owning a yacht of impeccable breeding, superb craftsmanship and remarkable performance. The Bauer 10 may not be 40 feet long, but she'll fulfill those aspirations completely...she is simply the quintessential dinghy. Created not just to function, but to function superbly. Not just to perform, but to perform with precision, grace and style.

    She is one of the safest, friendliest, most forgiving boats you will ever sail. The main sail with reefing point and jib give the Bauer 10 a "big boat personality" making her the preferred choice for discerning sailors. She makes an ideal first boat for the beginner and an excellent junior trainer. She's a responsive, superbly handsome craft that even accomplished sailors find irresistible.

    She is also a world-class yacht tender. A rugged, spacious, seaworthy craft that can haul the gang and the goods under all kinds of conditions. Whether exploring the anchorage or just having fun, she'll provide hours of pleasure as you sail, row or power in grace and style.

    Her impeccable breeding, superior craftsmanship, exceptional all-weather performance and timeless design put her in a class all her own. She's the "perfect 10," a prized and valued possession for generations to admire and enjoy.

    So whatever your needs are in a small boat…as a daysailer, a yacht tender or a rowboat, under sail or power, for the beginner or seasoned sailor…the Bauer 10 has all the qualities to please the most demanding boat enthusiast.


  • L.O.A. 10'1"
  • D.W.L. 9'3"
  • Beam 4'9"
  • Draft 4"
  • Draft, Board Down 24"
  • Weight Hull (Approx) 130 lbs
  • Weight Fully Rigged 160 lbs
  • Sail Area 63 or 75 sq. ft.
  • Height Above D.W.L. 20"
  • Height of Rig Above D.W.L. (Gaff) 16'0"
  • Mast Height Above D.W.L. (Gaff) 11'0"
  • Mast Height Above D.W.L. (Marconi) 18'0"
  • Capacity 4 Persons or 550 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity 640 lbs.
  • Maximum HP 2 HP

    Hi David
    I sold this boat today for my full asking price, less than 48 hours after it first appeared on your Website...WOW! I am impressed! Please mark it sold, and thank you so much!
    Best regards,
    St. Augustine, Florida

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    Bauer 10

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