Bay Hen 21, 2003, Fairfield, Connecticut, $8,000, price reduced 5/5/10 to $5,650, SOLD 5/27/10

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2003 Bay Hen 21

  • LOA: 21'
  • LWL: 18' 3"
  • Beam: 6' 3"
  • Displacement: 900 lbs (includes 300 lbs ballast)
  • Draft (boards up): 9"
  • Draft: (boards down): 3' 6"
  • sail area: 175 sq. ft
  • Sail cover
  • Cockpit cover
  • Compass
  • Ablative bottom paint
  • Gaff rig
  • Tanbark sail
  • Bilge boards
  • Flat bottom made for gunkholing or beaching
  • 9" draft with boards up

    2007 Yamaha 4hp four stroke

    Boat and trailer are registered and in use.

    Very clean and in good condition.

    The Bay Hen sold 5/18/2010. Thank you very much for everything! I hope you continue David's excellent site and his work. It was very helpful and really a great way to reach the sailing community!

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Bay Hen 21 sailboat

    Bay Hen 21 sailboat

    Bay Hen 21 sailboat

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