2005 Beachcat, France, 3,900 Euros, ad expired

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2005 Beachcat

  • Pure fun!
  • The excellent and extremely stable construction as well as the guaranteed light weight gives you the best sailing properties in any wind. Doesn't matter if it's for sport or for fun, the BEACHCAT is totally suitable for family sailing. The spacious trampoline has enough space for four adults.
  • The BEACHCAT's optimal length/width relation ensures high stability for non-keeling over. A central sword prevents drifting off and allows sailing even in strong winds.
  • The catamaran doesn't need any parking space or winter storing place, as it can be reconstructed and disassembled again in an hour. It is easily transportable on the car roof or in a station wagon. Also different airline companies transport the BEACHCAT as sport luggage at cheap prices.
  • Sailing using the BEACHCAT is allowed without a sailing license.

    Technical information

  • Length 5,00 m
  • Width 2,45 m
  • Mast length 6,60 m
  • Total sail surface (mainsail / foresail) 10 m2 (7,5 m2 / 2,5m2)
  • Trampoline 2,80 x 1,80 m
  • Weight ca. 75 kg
  • Measures packed: 0,25x0,25x2,00 m and 0,50x0,30x1,10 m
  • Frame: aluminum composition D16T / stainless steel
  • Mast (separable): aluminum composition D16T / stainless steel
  • Hulls: PVC viniplan, 800 g/m2, double-chamber system with security valves
  • Trampoline: PVC viniplan, 600 g/m2
  • Sword and rudder: fiberglass composition
  • CE-Certificate: Certified according to the Directive 94/25/EC, Boat design class C (Inshore boat)

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    2005 Beachcat sailboat

    2005 Beachcat sailboat

    2005 Beachcat sailboat

    2005 Beachcat sailboat

    2005 Beachcat sailboat

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